Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On The Sensor: TMI Set Day 8

On the Sensor
TMI Set Day 8

Greetings fellow Nephilim! and Downworlders too! Things have been quiet on the set lately. The cast and crew have been filming in Hamilton which is quite far away from Toronto so the CoB peeps have been flying under the radar lately. Luckily for me Hamilton actually is not that far away from me! So I couldn't let the opportunity pass to check out the set on day 8 of filming when it might as well have been on my doorstep! 

I hopped in my car, snacks piled up on my passenger seat and headed toward ‘The Hammer’ and got there in no time, 20 minutes maybe. I parked my car on the same street as all the trailers and to my luck there was still 28 minutes in the meter Saweet!! I dropped in two quarters giving me an hour and snapped a few shots of the trailers. 

And that’s when I saw this!

Could this be the vamp motorcycle Jace and Clary ride away on from the roof of the Hotel Dumort? There’s no guarantee that it is but I’d like to think otherwise. 

I walked over to the trailers and trucks, snapped another shot and spoke to a very friendly crew member who told me exactly which building they were filming in (a fact I already knew but I was grateful for his willingness to help regardless) he told me to cut through the parking lot so that I wouldn’t have to walk around the whole block and I slipped in between a few cars and grabbed a couple of shots of the old hotel. Perfect Hotel Dumort if you ask me, complete with broken windows and everything!

I rounded the corner and saw a handful of crew members moving cords and set elements around outside of the building so I took a seat on a large rock and waited. This is when I met a TMI fan who was eagerly waiting with her CoB book in hand. She eventually came over and sat with me on the rock and that’s when it happened!

I looked up and casually strolling out of the building and through the parking lot was RObert Sheehan! I sucked in a loud breath and jumped to my feet. He looked back at me and I started to run toward him. He put his arms out to stop me and called out, “Jesus! Don’t run, you’re pregnant! Very pregnant!” he moved back toward me and I asked him if I could quickly take a pic with him. He said, “Sure, quickly.” @1|2bloodprincss took the pic for me, thx! :)

As he signed her book I asked him if he had just become a vampire because of the his grey toned skin, red rimmed eyes and dried blood on his chest. He touched his shirt and   said, “…it looks that way doesn’t it, based on all this” he gestured to his clothes and the scenery around him. I then made a joke that I will not repeat and he laughed and said I was mean but that it was his kind of joke. I then snapped a shot for @1|2bloodprincss and Rob went on his way. As we walked back to the large rock to sit. I shouted, “Thank you!” and he gave a thumbs up and waved calling out, “No problem and congrats by the way!” he’s so nice! I wish the pic of us showed my belly so that later on I can show my daughter and let her know that while she was busy kicking me in my ribs I was taking a picture with Robert Sheehan!! Lol

We sat on the rock for a while longer and out came Jamie, Kevin and Jemima for a quick smoke break. We headed over to the group and I asked for a picture which I knew they’d say no to, we were right on set! Instead each one signed their autographs for the two of us and were very friendly. Kevin sat on the steps of the hotel, Jemima popped a few treats into her mouth and had a beautiful smile and Jamie stood quietly adjacent to them. There was a brief moment of awkwardness as they looked at my large belly and didn’t know what to do with their cigarettes. They apologized as they tried to sign my paper and I assured them it was was fine. All of them were very nice and willing to take a few moments away from their short break for us and I was very grateful.

I went back over to the rock, the cast went inside and Lily’s stunt double came out and walked through the parking lot with a crew member, probably going to her trailer. Meanwhile I noticed in front of me two crew members had three large blades set in front of them and it seemed like they were sharpening them, maybe polishing them is more accurate. Could these be Seraph Blades? I think so considering there were three of them and three shadowhunters in the building. 

I waited around for another 20 minutes or so and realized not much was happening so I decided to call it a short day and headed back to my car—and just in time I might add! The parking police guy was two cars away from mine and as I hurried to my car I saw that my meter had run out, phew! Close call! The ticket would have totally been worth it though! 

Until next time my TMI friends!! And next time will be real soon ;)

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