Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shadowhunter Tweets o' the Week

Here's our favorite Shadowhunter tweets from August 12-18, 2012:

TMI starts filming in TWO DAYS. TWO DAYS. Excuse me while I go and die.

2 hari lagi shooting bakal dimulai *happy dancing di kota tulang :D

Going to the US. I'm gonna miss the shooting... In my own city...

RT : "Any funny or memorable moments?" Quote of the night: "My nipples are hard. The Institute must be under attack!"

WHO SAYS YA ISN'T PRESTIGIOUS? RT : Having dinner with Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Aidan Turner, Jemima West...
All good things come to those that wait. has a VERY patient fandom :-) Bring on the craziness of pictures/news! 
Toronto! Be sure to keep an eye out for and . They'll be kicking around town.

It seems to me that no one the Clave thinks is dead is ever actually dead. Maybe they should invest in dental records – Clary, City of Bones
seriously if you haven't read City of Bones yet I recommend it very much! :)
I don't think he loves fighting demons like Jace does but neither does he love homework
I just woke up and I saw all those tweets! Best morning ever!

You make my day, Cassie. Now I can rest in peace *falls down in the bed, sleeping like dead*
Very high heels for Jemima. Also Aidan. Very high heels.

RT : "Make sure you wear your hottness-protection shades when you go back to the set" with those costumes-- probably!
RT : "When you're back, will you ask Robert to marry me?" Yessss. :D
RT : some but he doesnt have to learn to somersault in midair like Jamie." You go jamie" No joke.
I will be back in a few weeks when they are really really filming.
some but he doesnt have to learn to somersault in midair like Jamie.
RT : "How did the black hair look on Kevin? Is Jamima dying hers?" Kevin looks good w/the black hair. They both dyed black
So will Robert be doing any training for the scene where he kills Abbadon with the bow?
It has got to be ! So Jace-like already! ;)*
I dunno he looked at me tapping away but didn't look like it was necessarily something he wanted to do himself. :0
Sorry about the crap lighting! Jemima, Jamie, Lily, me, Kevin, Aidan, Harald (the director) vlcphoto: So,
Shape Of My Heart by BsB totally describes Jace & Clary .. in a way

Who else is dancing around with excitement that the TMI movie filming is finally ready to begin?!

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