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TMI Set Day 5 report from Sandra (@Shadowhunting)

This big week of filming on the TMI set was also huge for our spotter Sandra (@Shadowhunting). Here's what she had to say about her last day on set!

#TMISetDay5 was quite a way to finish my TMI set. I still can’t believe it; I’m never going to get over how wonderful my week has been.

Originally, my week was supposed to end on the Wednesday but by chance, it did not and quite frankly, this day was one of the best. Or…ah! I can’t even pick which day was the best. I’ve lived such a beautiful experience, one that I will never forget. It’s engraved in my heart forever and nothing could ever take it away from me. Wow, I’m getting very emotional right now. I’ve been so blessed this past week.

Our day started a little later than usual because of my visit to Simon and Schuster but that didn’t bother me, not at all. 12:30pm, I was standing in their Canadian offices with wide eyes, taking in the sight of this place. There were so many books everywhere; it was such an amazing environment and I fell in love with it immediately. I want to work there so badly! It was such an honor to be invited to their offices. They were so kind and so enthusiastic about my experience, such big TMI fans and it was exciting to share everything with them! I love talking to people who are as thrilled about this series as I am. I feel like there’s this awesome connection and we just get each other. I’m so thankful for this chance to visit the publishing house of my beloved series. Actually, of a lot of my beloved series, it was insane! It was the perfect start to my last day in Toronto!

Getting to the set was rather easy today. Thank God! When we got to Knox College (Can I just say, it looks like the perfect Institute, I love it!), we walked to the front, entering the front door as much as we could and it was obvious that the cast wasn’t going to come out from this side and so, we decided to go around and sit where the group of fans was sitting. I sat down while Sharon walked towards the trailers and that’s when we saw one of the crew members that we’d seen each time the cast was around. That meant one of them was close! So I walked to her and not 5 minutes later, Kevin emerged from the make-up trailer, putting on a sweater. I began walking towards him and asked for his autograph. There were no pictures allowed that day because if we were caught, they’d ask us to leave and quite honestly, I didn’t want to risk it. I wanted to stay as long as I possibly could. Kevin was in a rush but he signed Sharon and my book. Although he wasn’t in his Shadowhunter outfit, it did look like he had an injury on his face. I guess that means our Alec will be getting into a fight and coming out of it with some scratches on his face! Exciting! Time went by and we kept seeing Kevin walk by and back in front of us.

We saw Jamie in his trailer each time the crew knocked on his door and opened it, Rob showed up and signed some autographs, we saw Lily arrive from, what I’m guessing, was a scene at the Institute. She was dressed in her mundane self but clearly wearing Izzy’s clothes. It was gorgeous and less Clary-like but it was perfect anyway! She couldn’t really stop for anything because she is, in fact, the leading lady and she’s constantly working! I was hanging out with fellow fans, talking about various things, about our common interests as we patiently waited for Jamie to come out of his trailer or to see anyone else. Once he did come out, he was in a hurry but! But, but, but! He was kind enough to stop in front of us and tell us: "I'm really sorry. I've got to work but I'll be back shortly." He was so kind and there was no way I was going to leave until he came back! And yes, he was talking with his British accent and it was beautiful. To be honest, we knew it was going to be a while before Jamie came back but although there were a lot of moments without any action, we got a lot of excitement! We saw Lily come out in her Shadowhunter outfit and can I tell you how ridiculously gorgeous she looks? I would go on a rant about how flawless this woman is but it would simply never end.

Then, Rob came back (with his Made In Brooklyn T-Shirt! That’s our Simon!) And wait for it…I went to hug him! He signed a few autographs and the little group of fans I was with (@fleurdylys, @thatbluebox and ugh, I’m horrible with remembering, I apologize.) stayed behind because we already had an autograph but when they started getting hugs, I was like: “I want one too!” And that’s what I did. I got up, basically skipping in his direction and asked him for a hug. Robert Sheehan gives the best hugs on this whole entire planet, I must say. They were big bear hugs! When he began walking away, I was unsuccessful as to hide my fangirling. I tried, I did! But how can you stay calm after getting a hug from Rob Sheehan, right?

If that wasn’t enough, (I apologize if all these events aren’t exactly in order but they all happened and I’m freaking out just remembering them!) Lily came back from the set in her Shadowhunter gear and I couldn’t help myself! The words: “You look so pretty!” slipped out on their own but she was so cute! She responded me with an “Aw, thank you!” and I couldn’t stop grinning! Pretty isn’t even the word to describe her, I wish I would have said gorgeous or flawless but when you’re in the moment…your brain doesn’t let you think properly!

About 3 hours after Jamie left, perhaps a little more, we saw a van arriving and it was Jamie and Lily! Trying to stay calm and not jump on them the second they came out, we got up when he started walking towards us and directly coming to sign autographs! He mentioned that he was here because he promised he’d come back and was terribly sweet! I saw some amazing injuries on his arms (obviously make up) and I just can’t imagine what scene they were just filming! They’ve changed costumes twice during the day so I’m assuming they’re doing bits and pieces of different scenes. Anyway, back to the Jamie meeting. After he signed all the autographs, I found the courage to ask me for a hug but this question ended up to me way more awkward than I thought it would be! He answered me that he would but he was really sweaty which I responded with an: “it’s okay.” But unfortunately, that can be taken in more than one ways. Either: “It’s okay, hug me anyway.” Or “It’s okay, I understand.” I meant the latter but Jamie seemed to understand the first possibility. And oh my! He said: “No but really, I’m very sweaty.” And I responded the something along the same lines as my first answer. I felt truly bad but I do think that he eventually understood, I hope! Although I didn’t mind that sweaty hug, I understood perfectly why he didn’t want to. Ultimately, it was truly funny!

I spent a bit more time with the fans I met when @fleurdylys and I had to leave. We may have waited for a very long time but my last day was incredible and I couldn’t have asked for better. I hope everybody enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. And I hope to come back to Toronto before filming ends and give you more set updates. Thank you for having made my week even more exciting!

Here's some pics from around the web and on Tumblr of some of the highlights from the first week of filming!

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