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Today one of our Toronto Spotters, Kelly (@_nightassassin) had an exciting day finding the TMI movie set on day six of filming. She braved the rain and an early morning wake up call to get a glimpse of the cast and crew and found herself at Pandemonium. Check it out!

Nephilims and Downworlders

Wow. Today has been a dream come true for me. #TMI is my life and I got the opportunity to go down to the set and get pics and autographs. To start, my name’s Kelly Henderson (@_NightAssassin) and my twin is Jessie (@MercenaryMaddox). We woke at 5:30am to reach the set at 8:00am via car/train. My friends, Chris, who sleep over and Hunter, who met us at the train station, joined us for the trip. We arrived in Toronto and not too long after did we meet up with two other #TMIFans: @Haley_Davies @Ashley_Fodor. Together we walked up University Street and took a couple pictures with the thought that the set would be at the “institute”. Almost there I spotted a CBC News car and decided to ask if the girl knew where the set was. The Reporter didn’t know what TMI was, so I explained as briefly as possible. She then said she noticed trucks and trailer by -----. The six of us were off again, heading back down University Street.

Taking side roads I was feeling down like I was failing. We had been searching for almost 2 ½ hours and hadn’t found anything. Chris and I walked ahead of the group while everyone else got stuck at the lights. Then I saw them: pylons and white trailers! Chris and I tried screaming across the traffic noise at my friends saying we may have found the set but they couldn’t hear us, so Chris stared miming “pylons”. What an epic fail that was. When the light turned green my twin ran across the street, grabbed my hand and we darter. The first fans on the set and we screamed, looking for the cast. A crew worker told us to quiet down and Hunter, Chris, Ashley, and Haley caught up. The crew worker then signed our City of Bones Books and had a picture with us! Then, all there was to do was wait.

Only minutes passed before I clutched CoB to my chest and stared at Robert “Simon” Sheehan walking down the street. I waved, as did my friends. He waved back, said “hi”, saw our books then said “soon”. Then he disappeared into his trailer. My breath cut when my sister jumped up and whispered to a passing guy with his hood up “Alec?” The guy looked up and smiled “yea?” It was Kevin “Alec” Zegers! He signed all of our books then we asked for a photo with him. My sister and I hugged him and smiled, when the guy-with-the-sideburns said no pictures. Kevin left to his trailer. I was super excited now!

My hands trembled when Robert walked back out of his trailer dressed for the Pandemonium Scene. He smiled and waved, saying “Be back in 5”. We all smiled and gathered in a circle, constantly watching the streets for other cast members, the crew member – my crew dude as I called him – watching us.
Time seemed to pass so slowly, waiting for Robert to return to us. 30 minutes later he came and smiled, signing all our books. When he signed Haley’s book she was shaking so hard he asked “are you alright?” and she almost fainted. He was so kind!

Kevin and Robert walked back and forth between the Pandemonium Set and their trailers, each time smiling at us, or waving and a few times stopping to give us yet another hug. Then Ashley spotted Jemima “Isabelle” West walking up the street under an umbrella. The rain was coming down on and off, so we were huddled under umbrella’s to get the view of the sidewalk. She smiled at us, but went to her trailer. I was determined to get her autograph. She came and left, one time even walking back with Kevin. They were so cute! Brother and sister like! Then she took a break and signed our books! I think she was nervous because she put a hole in mine and Ashley’s book title page. But we didn’t care! It was Jemima! I asked her “are you on twitter?” and she said “I don’t do well on social sites, no.” There you have it!

We were soon alone again when two other #TMIFans showed up who had stalked the set last Tuesday! Kevin and Robert continued walking back and forth between trailers and we even saw Jemima walk back a few times. It was great to have her smile constantly at us. She’s really pretty and I love her accent! Then my twin spotted Jamie “Jace” Campbell Bower switch from one trailer to another. We were on our feet in a second, immediately seeing Lily “Clary” Collin’s walk to her trailer! I was like OMG! The 8 of us watched. They didn’t come back out so my twin and I grabbed an umbrella and stood in front of Jamie’s trailer door for a long time in the pouring rain. Haley joined me and my twin in the rain when Kevin walked by and smiled. Haley turned and yelled at him “You’re hot!” my twin then yelled “He knows that!” and Kevin smirked, glancing back at us. I was beat red.
The guy-with-the-sideburns walked passed us, when Haley left me and my twin, and the guy told Jamie and Lily 10 minutes till filming. We bite our lips, my hands tightening around the City of Bones. What felt like hours passed before the guy-with-the-sideburns came back with two umbrella’s and knocked on Jamie’s door. Jessie asked “Can Jamie sign my sister’s book?” he said “no time”. We scowled and when Jamie opened the door, I opened my book and held out a pen. He smiled and said “hey, I got to be quick” in his amazing British accent. I then asked “Will there be a Camelot season 2?” he said “No, the show got cancelled. Nice to meet some fans.” I blushed. He was fucking HAWT in his shadowhunting gear! We moved with Jamie and guy-with-the-sideburns to Lily’s trailer where we were hoping to get the same reaction. Lily stepped out, looking adorable, smiled at my twin and me and said “hi”. I offered my book, but the guy-with-the-sideburns ushered her into a car. I was sad. No lily signature.

Jessie and I went back to the group, talked to Chris and Hunter, then decided upon going to the Pandemonium Set. We walked down the streets, the rain finally letting up, and saw the Set. A massive wave of extra’s dressed in black leather walked by us. I was in awe and so very tempted to join the group when I saw Jamie standing outside the entrance to the “Pandemonium Club”. He was in full shadowhunting gear and looking HAWT! Jessie, Chris, Hunter and I walked by him and stopped. I stood beside Jamie for literally 5 minutes before he went inside. My heart was pounding!

It may have been only 2:00pm, but after a difficult and wet start we were ready to go home. All of us were running on a 3-4 hour sleep. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of today. I received autographs from Jamie, Robert, Kevin, Jemima, and crew-dude, and I was hugged by Kevin, crew-dude and Robert! Most Epic Day Ever! 

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