Friday, August 24, 2012

Shadowhunter Saturday ... with a little something extra

Ok, so I try really, really hard to not objectify actors, especially the cast of The Mortal Instruments. However, they are by far the best looking cast out there. So, thanks to my super creative TMI blogger friend Tita, we have an awesome hashtag for the fans...

Now, if you need proof of this, check out this picture.

 We will start the Twitter party at 11 am EDT on Saturday, August 25! Join us from the @TMI_institute crew: @shannoncatori@thepaisleyowl, @TMIShadwhunters, @LivingforWords and along with our friends from @TMI_source @MundieMoms @TMISpanishNews and @TMIexaminer! We do this in a lighthearted spirit, and we hope that Kevin Zegers, the adorable guy cast as Alec Lightwood, doesn't hate us forever! Please help us show your appreciation for Kevin because we love him!

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