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ON LOCATION: Sandra's TMI set adventure Day #2

Oh, that crazy #TMISetDay2. What a rollercoaster ride, I tell you! 3:30 am, I wake up because of this sick feeling. My stomach and head were hurting and I was so tired. There was only 1 hour left until I had to get up and get ready for my second day. Sharon and I (my family friend) were planning on heading back to Jamie and Lily’s trailer before they got there and hopefully catch Jamie in order to get an autograph before their day began but that didn’t happen. Day 1 had drained the both of us and I decided to sleep a little longer, try and feel better for this long second day I was about to have.

Around 8am, we made our way out of the house and head directly into the crazy Toronto traffic. I thought we’d never get there! I was trying to keep calm and not worry too much because I had such an amazing experience on Monday. But my want to give the people on Twitter something to be thrilled about, my want to see more of my beloved The Mortal Instruments movie made it hard for me to stay calm. Perhaps it seemed like I was from the exterior but inside? I was dying. “The cemetery, the cemetery, the cemetery.” Was the only thing I could think about but when we finally got there, when we walked through, we could not find anything! There were no TMI sets in sight but Rookie Blue was everywhere in that area and it was all so very confusing! Not quite ready to abandon our day, Sharon and I began driving around Toronto. There had to be something around, somewhere. I was on Twitter, searching for information here and there. I knew a few people were there and I was trying to find out where. And man was that ever a wild goose chase! 4 hours of driving around Toronto. Yeah, that was crazy. We almost gave up. We were tired, we were hungry, we were frustrated but at the last minute, we found it! Finally!

When we first got there, I figured this was a second unit set because all I could see were Lily’s stunt doubles. I thought it was still rather cool, I’d get to see a scene getting filmed and that was good enough for me! But I talked to one of the crew members and they told me that in fact, this was the main crew and that the cast was here! Sharon and I stood on the other side of the street where Java Jones was located (as well as other fans I had met), just looking at everything come alive. The first scene we saw being filmed was brief. (actually, all the scenes we’ve seen were small bits) Lily was simply running across the street (after running into a cyclist) from Java Jones and making her way to where I assume would be her house. Once the scene was over, she stood on our side of the street and we began making our way towards her. I had her autograph already but the two other girls did not. Plus, I wanted to see if I could get a picture with her. How could I pass up that chance, right? Unlike the Monday, I was able to tap on her shoulder and talk to her! Yes, yes! I managed to talk to her. I wasn’t speechless, I wasn’t just staring in shock, and I actually spoke to her! Unfortunately, as I predicted, we were not allowed to take a picture with her and only have autographs because it’s a rather secretive shoot. They try to keep it on the DL as much as possible.

Going back to our original place, we waited for a second scene to be filmed and that’s when I met a second group of fans. They recognized me and asked for a picture! I was completely shocked. I mean, let’s face it. I never expected to come to Toronto just as your typical, normal fan girl and leave being someone that a lot of people recognized. It’s really cool. But anyway, back to the recounting of everything else.

Another scene was beginning to be filmed and the two girls who recognized me (I can’t remember their names, I’m sorry) and I decided to move in closer and closer and closer until we were standing next to some filming equipment. We were seriously, about 10 feet away from Lily Collins and Robert Sheehan acting out their arrival to Java Jones. (Clary looks confused, looking at something Simon can clearly not see and he tries to get her attention. When he does, they run across the street and head to the cafĂ©) It was awesome! They took 6 takes but the first one was honestly perfect. The second we heard Simon say: “Clary” I think we were all crying. We heard our Simon call out for our Clary! I got chills, I got really emotional, I was fangirling. There was no denying it. We were so close; it was like we were actually part of their world. It was like we were part of the story, I still cannot believe it. When they wrapped that scene, we moved closer to Lily and Rob in order to get autographs. It was quick done and they had to be taken away.


Once they were taken away from the growing group of fans, we all waited patiently on the side, hoping that either of the cast members would come back to sign autographs and simply to meet them. That was when I met Shannon Catori. She is completely amazing and I’m so glad I met her! Sharon and I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening with her while we waited, took pictures and enjoyed our time on the set. It was fantastic! But, but, but! The day was not over yet, no way! I was talking with the fans when this lady came up to me and asked if I was Sandra. I had no idea who I was talking to but I said yes. She asked: “How long are you staying with us?” That made me even more confused. With us?! What did she mean by that? I had no idea. As I answered her questions, my question was finally answered. It was Karen, the publicist of The Mortal Instruments movie! She told me how she read my Day 1 article and told me that is was very good! Talk about excitement, right? Imagine this: you’re just writing an article so that your fellow Shadowhunters can have an idea about how your day in TMI world went and it ends up being read (and you end up being recognized) by people working for the movie! How cool is that? Ridiculously amazing! I couldn’t believe it. No, correction; I still cannot believe it! Karen is so nice! I enjoyed talking to her and I am so grateful for her kindness. She found a way to bring Jessica Postigo (one of the TMI script writers) to us and take pictures/get autographs with us! By the Angel! Another amazing woman! Jessica is so cool, so proud to be part of this experience. All she wants is to make the fandom proud and we already are! (Pssst, she’s writing the CoA script! Epic!) What next? Goodness, my day was ridiculously eventful!


For quite some time, Sharon, Shannon and I watched them film another scene. That one was pretty cool as well. (Heck, every single little thing of this movie is perfect. I have no complaint whatsoever.) We stood near Harold, right behind the camera and watched Lily talk on her phone, (to her mother, I assume) run from the alley and crash into the cyclist. It was a really fun thing to watch! We had a great view, we got some good shots and experienced something that only happens once in a lifetime.

Finally, when Lily was done her scenes, Karen brought her to us. Bless that woman, truly. I owe her big time! Lily was exhausted but she still stayed incredibly sweet and everything you could possibly ask for out of her. I simply adore her! She signed autographs for people and yes, when she signed an autograph for Sharon, I spoke to her again! This time, I told her about Monday morning and how I had been so speechless, so shocked that I couldn’t even say a word to her. She laughed and said: “Oh yeah! You’re from Montreal! You guys are so dedicated, you were there at like 6:30am.” Or it was something along those lines. Can I just say how much that made my life? You guys need to understand how much of a Lily Collins fan I am. Ask anyone in my life and they will tell you. So the fact that she remembered me, remembered where I lived, realized how dedicated I was meant the world to me. I’m in heaven for the rest of my life and I’m not coming down, I’ll tell you that much.

After that, everything was pretty much done. She left and we stayed until we heard Harald say goodbye and pick up his bag. This was our cue to leave. Sharon and I walked to our car with Shannon and said goodbye as well. You think this is perfect? So did I. I didn’t think my day could get any better until I got home and went on Twitter. If all of this wasn’t enough, Simon and Schuster Canada (TMI’s publishing house) tweeted me that they wanted me to come to their offices for a visit! It is such an honor, especially considering that the book industry is where I want to head in life. August 21st started as a really frustrating day and ended up to be one of the best days of my life. I know reading these articles isn’t the same as experiencing it firsthand but I truly do hope that you enjoy living my day through me like this.
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