Friday, August 31, 2012

365 Days of TMI - Day 357

Yesterday we finished out the Pandemonium scene with Clary, Simon and the Shadowhunters. Poor Clary....even Simon doesn't understand what she saw in the back room of the club. She saw people others couldn't see. She saw a demon. She saw demon hunters. She got called...a mundie? What in the world was that about? When she gets home, of course her mom fussed at her. The next day, as she draws variations of the golden haired boy, a dark prince in this instance, she gets a call.

"Is this Clarissa Fray?" The voice on the other end of the phone sounded familiar, though not immediately identifiable.

Clary twirles the phone cord nervously around her finger. "Yeees?"

"Hi, I'm one of the knife-carrying hooligans you met.

last night in Pandemonium? I'm afraid I made a bad impression and was hoping you'd give me a chance to make it up to - "

"SIMON!" Clary held the phone away from her ear as he cracked up laughing. "That is so not funny!"

"Sure it is. You just don't see the humor."


Simon tries to kid with her about the previous night. I think he's worried about her, but handles stress with humor. That's what best friends do, right? They see you through the rough moments. They make you laugh when you want to cry. They're there to be silly with you when you're bored and just be there to listen when you have to vent.

To have a best friend, you have to be a best friend. Simon and Clary are great examples of what best friends should be. Loyal, patient, caring, and always there for each other!

Stay here for another day of TMI tidbits tomorrow!

(Pic credit via Tessa Gray)

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