Thursday, August 16, 2012

ON THE SENSOR: PART TWO: The envelope...

On The Sensor
August 15, part 2

I patrolled the streets down Cumberland in Yorkville, continuing to scan each face as I went. My heart leaped whenever I saw red hair, it didn’t matter the shade, it only mattered that it was red. None of those men or women were Lily but I did make it to Yoco, the self-serve frozen yogurt joint Jamie and Lily were spotted at the day before.

I sampled almost all the flavors and after my sampling I had no real desire to buy any, I had got my fill but I couldn't very well walk out, he guy giving out the samples pretty much was following behind me. So I filled a cup with a little raspberry, lemon and vanilla yoghurts and topped it all with some fresh raspberries, blueberries, mango and mochi gummies, yum!

When I got to the cash I asked the guy (who had been following me around) if he had seen two celebrities in the shop the day before. I described what they looked like he said maybe, so then I showed him the pic of Lily and Jamie on my phone and he was like, “Oh yeah! I remember those two, I didn’t know they were celebrities!” I told him about the movie, he said the only celebrity he would ever recognize was Nicholas Cage… :/

I took my yogurt outside and sat in the main square near the fountain in Yorkville and ate my yogurt while I chatted on the phone with my husband so that I would look casual and not like some crazy frantic pregnant lady whose head was whipping from side to side looking at every single person who strolled by me.

Then it was time to meet Mark, my dear friend who works at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and who has been a major source of movie related things for me in the past few years. We met in front of Sassafras, where all the celebs hang out and we continued to trace Jamie and Lily’s steps. We sat at the tables where they had first been spotted, the first time they were in Toronto.

Then we walked around trying to find where Lily and Jamie were snapped the other day (other than the frozen yogurt place.) We found it instantly.

Finally it was time to eat!! We walked back down Cumberland St. to Rawlicious, the raw, vegan restaurant we were going to eat at. I had been anticipating my meeting with Mark all day because he told me he had a special gift for me and I was so excited!!

We sat down, and I was bubbling with anticipation to receive this gift but Mark wanted us to order first (he was building suspense). So I quickly ordered the Olive, currant and pumpkin seed salad and a lemonade and Mark ordered the Taco Wrap.


Mark asked how all the TMI blogging was going. I filled him in on all...and I asked him to stop stalling and give me my surprise. He buckled and slid this envelope across the table.

I opened it and saw this

Hmm...I gave Mark a funny look. What could this be?
Yes friends! I have the golden ticket!! (Thanks to Mark who I am FOREVER indebted to.) I have official TMI movie filming locations and dates in my hand and I will bring you all the news that I can get. Photos, video footage you name, I’ll have it! Only at The Mortal Institute.


  1. Oh my God. That's so cool! You lucky person :P

  2. oh god shannon so lucky person! i'd jump for a week hahahaha thanks mark too. i'm waiting por your comments stories photos posts everthing you can give us.... following u on twitter good luck año succes enjoy it!here from Venezuela loving jamie and tmi books

  3. waiting with bated breath.....your loitering paid off big!!!! so lucky!!!! tell us everything!!!!


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