Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review for Stolen Night (Vampire Queen Novel 2)

Lenah Beaudonte should be dead. But having sacrificed herself to save another, she finds herself awakening with strange powers that are neither vampire nor human—and a new enemy on her trail. In her vampire life, Lenah had thought that being human was all she ever wanted; but the human heart suffers pain, heartbreak and loss. 

With her new powers growing and the dark force of the Nex after her soul, Lenah faces a choice: between the mortal love of gorgeous Justin, whose passion fed her human soul, and taking a different path to become the mistress of her own destiny, wherever that may lead..

I can't get over how good this book was compared to the first...! I honestly felt like crying at the end. (I won't spoil)

RHODE! RHODE and his blue, blue eyes. I adored him. The tragedy of his love for Lenah and the decree in which the Aeris had given them...was torturous and hard to read. 

VICKEN, oh how I loved Vicken's humour and his just plain sarcastic funniness (that's not even a word, is it?) I laughed so much whenever he was around. He had a way with words that just lightened the heaviness of their trauma, and their problems. I didn't like him in the first book (truth be told, he wasn't in it enough to really know him but what I did read (see?) I didn't like.

I... I can't put into words how much better than the first Vampire Queen book this is. This truly captured me; made me feel like I was there. In their world, experiencing everything they experienced. 

and LENAH for her sacrifices and regrets and so brave. She dealt with everything in the best way she could. Even when there was a clear killer vampire after her, she had to deal with friends dying, a soulmate whom she could never be with and school homework. 

Justin bugged me in this book, though. Although you find out why he was being the way he was, at the end, it still annoyed me.

There is apparently going to be a third in this series, so I cannot wait for that, even though I felt this book had a nice ending. It tied up well. Well, when I say 'nice' I mean heartbreakingly sad, but bittersweet in its own way.

So captivating. 
You should read this. Even if you find the first book hard to get through, please PLEASE get through it so you can read this gem. It's not often a sequel is far better than the first, but wow...this took my breath away. And there are a couple of scenes near the end that will...*sob* I can't go on.

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