Thursday, August 23, 2012

TMI TIME CAPSULE: Share your TMI premiere wishes

We have a year to go. Just 365 days until the premiere of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, based on the New York Times best selling book by Cassandra Clare. Sure it seems like a long time now, but there are many of us who are already planning to celebrate the big night.

So I'm asking you, Shadowhunters, how will you spend August 23, 2013?

Will you take the day off and go sit in line at your local movie theater for tickets?

Will you go dressed as your favorite character?

Will you throw a party before or after watching the movie?

Just how many times will you see it?

What are your wishes to the cast and crew?

Tell me the scenes you hope to make the cut.

How much do you think the film will make opening weekend?

Let's put these questions and answers in our TMI CAPSULE and see what is revealed when we look at the replies one year later.

Share your thoughts below, and we will repost your responses in exactly one year!


  1. Well, my plan is to go to my hometown and see it with my best friend (Who lives 5 hours away). We are LONG time fans of Cassie, and we seriously can't wait. A year is a long time, but it will be here eventually, and when that day comes it will be AMAZING. Oh, and odds are we will see it more than once.

  2. I will be at the premiere with my daughter and sister for sure! I've read and enjoyed every one of Cassie's books since I read the first one! can't wait for the movie to come out!

  3. Me + friend planning on going to the london premiere and getting autographs/picture from the cast members as possible! Then seeing the movie as many times as possible

  4. I would love to see in my city with my best friend and my sister, I would go to the first screening and wear black!
    I think the movie is gonna be very succesful, because of the wellknown and talented cast and crew.

  5. I'm planning to watch it my best friend (or parabatai in shadowhunting terms XD) and the rest of our group on its premiere night. we also planned to go in an all-black-fashion to match the mood. Then, as always, we'll hang-out together and go eat something or fangirl about the movie until forever. XD I think TMImovie would be a big hit on the screen since everybody seems to popularize it anyway. I just hope that most movie-goers would consider reading the book because us, who have been fans for years (yes, I mean YEARS. not just the moment this whole frenzy popped out on the social networking sites) because the book is very entertaining and it suits a lot of tastes/genres. I'm also pleased with the cast because they are so down-to-earth and even in-character IRL! Somehow, it makes me feel like it's THG once again. Jennifer Lawrence and the whole flawlessness of THG was over-the-top and I know, TMI would be just as epic.

  6. i will go like 5 hours before it premiers watch it with my best friend dress up as clary (with red hair and all!) i will see it at least 7 times i hope there is LOTS OF ALEC AND MAGNUS and i hope the vampire battle with simon as a rat makes iT TMI FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Going with friends to the theater on premier day. Wearing all black of course! Hoping the scene where Clary slaps Jace makes the cut haha. Just wanna see that on the big screen :D

  8. hmmm... I don't know, if ever I finish my thesis this year and I graduate the univ I'll probably treat myself to watch it on premiere night and some repeats. I'll probably have money to treat some of my friends too. I'll force them to come with me, whether they like it or not. hahahaha!

  9. I'm definitely going in costume, thought not as any specific character. I can't bring seraph blades though, since I live in Aurora and everyone is a little touchy about such things now, which is more than understandable. I'll be showing up at the theater as soon as humanly possible, don't care how long I have to wait, and I'll see it as many times as my wallet allows!

    I'm most looking forward to seeing Magnus's party.

  10. If there is a midnight premiere, I'll probably go to that. If not, I guess I'll go the next day, after I get out of class (or before). I want to go dressed as Izzy, mostly just because I have some awesome, Izzy-like shoes I want to wear. I don't know if I'll draw runes on myself, though. I would love to throw a TMI party, but unfortunately none of my friends here in town are fans of the books. But maybe I'll try to convert them between then and now!
    I'll probably see it like...three times. Maybe four. Maybe three in theaters and then more later. I wish the cast and crew lots of luck, and I hope they don't get too worn out doing all the tricks and fighting and what not. As for scenes that make the cut...Magnus' party, Clary and Jace's kiss, including the awkward moment in the hallway with Simon, the scene where Clary goes to Jace with her notebook and he's in "jammies."
    How much will it make? Hm...I have no idea.

  11. My twin and I are going for the premiere and we'll probably dress in character. Myself as Izzy, since I have long black hair, and my twin as Magnus because she loves sparkles and randomness. I will be in line the minutes tickets are available. I don't care if it's at midnight! I'll be there! Whomever wants to join me, come along! I'll see it multiple times and I'm super excited to see Magnus's party and the hallway kiss. <3

  12. Really madly want to go to the premiere if there is one here in England, but if not; THE DAY IT COMES OUT I WANT TO WATCH IT!! It's going to be awesome and memorable because it'll be one of the last things I do with my gf before I go to Uni, so I am super excited!! If I can, I want to dress as Magnus and it would be awesome for my gf to dress as Alec!! If not, definitely drawing runes all over myself and going to see it!!
    I really want some good Magnus scenes in there! He's my ultimate favourite character after all! :D But I'm also hoping the scene where Izzy's cooking and Simon's drooling over her is in there too~! I just can't wait for it!! It's going to be awesome! <3<3<3

  13. i will be in New York so i'm going to the Premiere with my cousin. but i won't camp out because i'm not sleeping outside for anyone but i will wait all day. and we will be going to the midnight premiere in all black and with some runes on our bodies.


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