Monday, August 20, 2012

ON LOCATION: Shadowhunting on the set of TMI!

There was a lot of news coming off the set of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. and most of it came from our very own Shadowhunter spotter Sandra! Under her twitter name @shadowhunting, Sandra tweeted news on location at the St. James Cemetery set.
We wanted Sandra to give us the details first hand, so she gave us at The Mortal Institute the exclusive! Thanks so much, Sandra, for the pictures and post!
I woke up at 4:30am, rushed to get ready and hopped in the van at 5am. I was with my family friend who has so graciously allowed me to stay with her for the week and agreed to join me in my search for the sets of The Mortal Instruments. The car ride there was calm and filled with casual conversations, all not TMI related because I was so nervous. What if I couldn’t meet anyone? What if I couldn’t take pictures? Or get autographs? The silly questions you ask yourself when you’re so close to your goal yet so far away. But the second we entered Downtown Toronto, following the GPS’ directions and seeing that our destination was so close, I was starting to be a little dizzy, my heart was beating like crazy! That was nothing compared to how I felt when I saw the trucks parked in front of St-James Cemetery. That was for TMI and that meant that in a close street, I’d find Lily and Jamie’s trailer, as I had been told.

Of course, the parking was impossible to find. Sharon (my family friend) dropped me off somewhere close to the cemetery and went off to search for a parking spot as I began walking down the street, taking pictures. I hate cemeteries but I had never been so excited to be next to one! It was exhilarating! My footsteps got quicker as I reached the street with the trailers. Oh my! Once Sharon found her way to me, we crossed the road and made our way to the trailers. There were a few: one for costumes and one indicated ‘Clary’ and yes, the other said: ‘Jace’. No one was there yet but I didn’t move. It was only 6:30am and they were only were supposed to arrive around 7:30am. Oh the thoughts that were going through my mind at that time. We waited a little longer, seeing people bringing Jamie’s clothes in his trailer and not long after, we saw this white van squeeze its way between the two cast members’ trailers. Lily and Jamie came out of the van together and I nearly died. I froze, I was speechless. I watched them share a hug, watched Jamie do an excited jump and begin to walk towards their trailers.

We asked for pictures but the man (I suppose he was a sort of bodyguard) said we couldn’t take any pictures with them. Thankfully, Sharon was with me and begged for Lily’s autograph, at least…because I couldn’t even say a word! I’m telling you! Our Lily is such a sweet girl. We told her how I had traveled from Montreal just to meet them and she gladly agreed to sign the autograph. She was absolutely beautiful. And then, and then, and then! She offered her hand to shake and I didn’t hesitate a second! Our meeting lasted about 30 seconds but it was incredible! It was 7am and my day was made from that moment on. But it was far from over.

Sharon and I walked around, passed by the cemetery again and found this sign saying: ‘Mortal TO set’ with an arrow so obviously we followed it! Sometime during our walk, we spotted some trucks and decided to take a stroll down the street. I originally thought they were planning on filming the entrance to the City of Bones today but this proved my theory wrong. It was a residential area, where we could find old houses. There were NYC taxis here and there and I figured it was perhaps Jocelyn and Clary Fray’s place. Since it was only the prep team, since there were police officers blocking the way, we decided to walk back towards Lily and Jace’s trailers. We knew we couldn’t get too close because we had already pushed our luck when we asked for Lily’s autograph so we sat up a hill and watched them come in and out of their trailers, heading to the costume trailer and trying to take as many pictures as we could. Unfortunately, they were hard to take and rather blurry since we were far away. We stayed until an umbrella came out to hide the stars. Perhaps it was because of us or perhaps it was because of the paparazzi around us. I do feel bad about that but hey, we did get pictures!

That was when our day was going to end for the first time but on our way back to our car, we began talking to this bodyguard and he told us about the filming, where we could maybe find other sets so we got in the car and tried to find this mysterious set with no positive result, unfortunately. Thankfully, we still knew where one of the sets was located and we were certain we could find some cast members there. And off we went!

The filming was in this narrow residential street. The houses were beautiful and old and totally TMI-like. We couldn’t get very close so we sat down on the side of the road, listening and looking attentively. We heard a lot of things: ‘Rolling’, ‘Cut!’ and even Lily’s voice and laugh. Yes, I saw her again but this time, from far away. Sharon and I stayed there for about an hour, not allowed to take pictures but we had taken a few prior to their friendly warning. Sometime during our wait, we were joined by a paparazzi who told us about Lena Headey’s arrival on set due around noon. We planned to wait until then, try and see her and after, we could leave but we were asked to move because we’d be in the shot. (Like I’d ever object to being an extra, haha) So politely, we did.

This is where it gets very exciting, even though it already is! Just when I told Sharon that we should get going because we were dead tired (and my phone was dead), we saw this street with an unidentified TMI trailer. Naturally, we decided to check it out and bam! There is Robert Sheehan (who had an American accent, might I add), talking to an employee about his new role. I shook my friend’s arm, gasping: “Oh my God! That’s Robert! That’s him!” He was adorable. I overheard him say: “I’m playing Simon!” I’m guessing the lady asked him about Clary because he responded with something like: “Yeah, I follow her everywhere!” It was so funny! I’m guessing he was talking about them being best friends and how close they were. Shyly, I walked up to him and asked him for an autograph and picture. He was very happy and eager to do so! “She wants me to sign her City of Bones book!” He told someone. “It’s starting!” He said (something like that) about the whole movie phenomenon. He was a total sweetie! He even encouraged me to go bug the other actors for their autographs and all that! Can I just say that afterwards, I was shaking like crazy! He made me feel so comfortable and was just awesome!

And yes, I did ask him about Twitter. He currently does not have one! And I encouraged him to join our Twitter world and he seemed to think that was a great idea! So maybe, just maybe…we’ll have our Simon on Twitter soon!

And voila, that was my insane day in Toronto! Let’s cross our fingers for another one tomorrow!
 You can find Sandra on Twitter  @Shadowhunting and on Tumblr
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  1. This is such a cool account! I'm so glad that Lily and Robert were so lovely to you and you got to see so much on set! Thank you for sharing :-D

  2. I'm dying inside waiting for TMI to come to the theatres... I JUST CAN'T WAIT!

  3. Way to go Sandra!!!! I am super happy for you!!!! Hope you have another excellent day tomorrow too!!! MJS

  4. Yayyyy!!! Sfbukihsdhwikj ;D

  5. what a great day, i'm so happy for you! thanks for reporting on all of this for us - you're amazing! hope today is even better for you! :)



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