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READ THIS: Review of 'Eternal Shadows' by Kate Martin

Embrace your past and find your future.

Vampires aren't supposed to be real, and Kassandra is not supposed to be one of them. But now, world leaders, including her father, are being replaced--by vampires. And one day shy of her eighteenth birthday, she discovers she has fangs, a hunger for blood, and a body with abilities she can't control.

Eternal Shadows follows Kassandra Thomas as she is taught the ropes of her new life by the 500-year old Irish vampire who changed her, Rhys O'Shea. Kass finds out that the vampire lore she saw in movies was just not quite right. The sun won't kill you, but it will make you extremely thirsty. Staking a vampire doesn't work, nor does silver. Rhys, the beloved "son" of the leader of a vampire family, feels responsible to teach her and then protect her from a threat that wants to expose the existence of vampires to the human race. Kass comes to depend on Rhys and even starts to have strange dreams about him from a mysterious past. The feelings she has for him become stronger as all the pieces of this beautiful novel starts to come together.

Kate Martin, the author of Eternal Shadows, wanted to write a book that tackled something she hadn't seen in YA books. " I wanted this story to be different, while still appealing to the audience who was gobbling these types of books up. I had just started it when Twilight hit big and all the other vampire stories starting following suit. Even before that--and more so after--all the books were "human girl falls in love with vampire boy." I wanted to explore what happened if they were both vampires, and turning Kass right away made her relateable (since vampires can think quite differently from humans) and set her apart from all those other human characters."

What I loved most of this book is who Kassandra is always so curious about her new world. There are things she doesn't understand: why she has to drink human blood from her feeder Warren, why she has to train in physical combat with an aggressive vampire Cade, and why there are vampires randomly attacking her when she goes out in public. On top of all that, she wants to know why she is becoming more and more attracted to Rhys. She wants a normal life, but she's forced to adapt and grow as a new vampire when the species is on the verge of war.

I'm so excited to have had the opportunity to read Kate Martin's book and even more excited that she has a sequel, Darkest Whispers, in the works. She promises the new book to be more action packed and have a few new characters to look forward to meeting.

Lastly, I'm pleased to announce the winners of the Eternal Shadows signed bookmarks: @BYEconnerslover, @anlosw, @heyjuuhc, @neji_sorariku, @naneoliveira, and @infernalglitter. Congrats to the winners! Make sure to follow @katewmartin on Twitter for more updates on the upcoming sequel!

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