Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shadowhunter Tweets o' the Week

Here's our favorite Shadowhunter tweets from August 19 - 26th 2012:

Ivette ‏@Ivy_Twihard
It's time... IT'S MONDAY AUGUST 20! #TMIsetDay1 #happydance#TMIfandomisthebest @TMImovie @TMIexaminer @TMI_Institute@TMI_Source @TMI_Info

winchestah ‏@her0ndales

Lena Lightwood-Lewis ‏@WillyHerondale
I need someone to hold me. I think I'm dying because of feels

 eyy.enn.dee.aii.eee♥ ‏@scarletdreams28
Show conventions. TMI movie filming. Activate major fangirling. Lolololol.

rafas . ‏@pleasebitchrafa
ÓTIMO DIA hj começam as filmagens de TMI :DDDD OMGGGGGGG ~)o) *dance*

was WhereRUNow_ :) ‏@LivingforWords
You know what... someone should do a parody of Beyonce's 'run the world' to 'burn the world'

Sandra ♥ ‏@Shadowhunting
hxjdidjdkdjdidkjdjc I see some trailers in front of the cemetery!!"

carstairs. ‏@JUDTEETH

City Of Bones Movie♥ ‏@Elena_XF
*hugs and kisses all Shadowhunters out there* It's our day guys :D#TMIsetDay1

Shadowhunter ‏@Oh_So_Swiftie
So ridiculously,crazily,asdfghjkl-ly excited because ITS #TMIMOVIE'S 1ST DAY FILMING! Yes I will be like this for, FOREVER!!! :D#TMISetDay1

TMInstruments ‏@TMInstruments
I'm not picking favourites or anything, and I love all of the cast equally... *cough but then came Rob Sheehan cough*

egina ‏@tmiordie
"I wish they fire Jamie and hire Alex in the next movie" BITCH DONT SAY THAT EVER AGAIN, ILL CUT YOUR TITS

Cassandra Clare ‏@cassieclare
It's scripted, but as I understand theres room for improv & also scripts change constantly. They change during shooting. @KataraAlchemist

Cassandra Clare ‏@cassieclare
Robert Sheehan is Robbie because Robert is one of the producers and it's too confusing otherwise. @sleeping_suun

Cassandra Clare ‏@cassieclare
RT @5a5a5am: " Are you going to have a cameo?" I do not want one! i would rather they used my cat for chairman meow.

Roro ‏@Rorochan92
I love ALL the City of Bones' cast icons here on Twitter! <3 Lots of Robbie, Lily, Jamie... #TMIsetday3 #TMIWishIWasInTO

Anjali B ♥ ‏@AnjaliLightwood
All the hot-Irish are in Toronto. #TMIWishIWasInTO

Cassandra Clare ‏@cassieclare
Is it okay if your husband makes fun of your Imaginary Boyfriends? Mine does. @LadyHawkins

Tiffany ‏@VampLuv83
I'm sure they're practicing for #CoB, if they wanted to really kiss, it wouldn't be on set. Nonetheless, still REALLY cute! @TMI_Institute

loѕт ѕerapн вladeѕ ‏@SoulTree1990
Don't even... I'm about ready to jump on a plane and get myself there ASAP RT “@TMI_Institute: #TMIWishIWasInTO like right now...just sayin”

AngstRiddenTeenager ‏@herondaled
Dear TMI cast, I love you and you're flawless is every way. But hurry up with the filming? Love, a random fangirl.

eyy.enn.dee.aii.eee♥ ‏@scarletdreams28
OHMYGOD. Valentine's using juju. He was in UK one moment then Toronto the next! Lmaoo #TMISetDay3

Michelle M Herondale ‏@MichelleMags
Me: OMG THAT'S ROBERT!? *runs up to him* hi um can we have ur autograph? Robert: sure, LOVE Me: TY! R: u're welcome, LOVE#TMISetDay5

Jemima West ‏@Jemima_West
It was lovely to meet some of you yesterday. Sorry to anyone i missed x

Jemima West ‏@Jemima_West
@TMI_Institute it is a lot of fun. x

TMI News en Español ‏@TMIspanishnews
I have to confess it: Every time I see someone talking about@GodfreyGao, I lose my panties O.o

City Of Bones Movie♥ ‏@Elena_XF
Oh Kevin, your whole body is making me swoon but your ass is making me trip on! #NiceAssKevin

Mariae Montero ‏@neji_sorariku
I just love how the TMI fandom appreciates anything and everything that is TMI. From the make-up artists to the awesome side burns buy. :>

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