Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Casting News! Eric, Alaric, and "Vampire Lieutenant"

Hot casting news straight from the movie website.

First up, confirmation of Elyas M'Barek.  The site doesn't have him listed as Raphael, but as the "Vampire Lieutenant." 

"The leader of the New York vampire clan resides in their hideout in Spanish Harlem at the Hotel Dumort. He enjoys his position among his vampire brothers and views his race as superior among Downworlders, Nephilim and Humans."
***update: as per Cassie, via Twitter, "It is not Raphael. It's a different character."

Alaric is being played by Harry Van Gorkum.

Alaric is third in command in the New York Werewolf pack and a powerful warrior and respectful of the organization of the pack."

Eric is being played by  Chris Ratz.

"Eric is one of Simon's best friends and considers himself an avant-garde New York intellectual. Clary and Simon loyally attend his band performances and poetry readings and sometimes he turns out to be useful, but rarely on purpose."

All information, quotes, and pictures from

We wanted to be sure to share this information quickly, but as always, stay tuned for our detailed Actors Spotlight segments for more information!

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