Thursday, September 27, 2012

365 Days of TMI: Day 330 - A week ago

A week ago exactly, at this very time, I was standing outside a trendy Toronto restaurant with my co-blogger Shannon Catori and several TMI blogger girls waiting on Cassandra Clare to eat dinner with us. It was such a surreal feeling, and I am still so excited! We all were wide eyed and tried to play it cool when we saw Gary Oldman (yes, Sirius Black) walk past us to meet up with Abby Cornish. Does that seriously happen in real life? It surely doesn't happen in mine.
It was a moment, thanks to the awesome people at Sony, to give all of us the opportunity to hang out in Yorkville with our fave author, to walk the streets we'd seen Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins in several pictures and to get to go to set the very next day. To say Thursday was my best birthday ever is an understatement, and I'll never forget that I was able to share it with the coolest group of ladies in the TMI fandom! Hopefully it will be the beginning of a very long journey from the pages of the book to the credits of the final Shadowhunter movie (whenever that will be). Here's to the next 11 months and all the wonderful things to come!
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