Sunday, September 16, 2012

365 Days of TMI: Day 341 The calm before ...

Tomorrow Cassandra Clare heads to Toronto. It will be Day 20 on the set and will be Cassie's first time seeing live filming for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones! It will be the beginning of a ten-day stay for her in Toronto. We are all eager to see what will be in store for her and see her vision coming to life before her eyes. It will mostly assuredly be a surreal moment for her characters to walk in front of her, talking through scenes that she imagined in her mind a million times as she slaved over her laptop while writing the first book.

Could you just imagine? I know that I'm thrilled to get a chance to go on set and see my favorite characters in action, but it would completely be on another level for them to be of my own creation. I think we are all very proud of being fans of this series and proud of Cassie for putting in so much thought, care and time to making The Mortal Instruments one of the best YA books series around.

If you had a chance to talk to Cassie and ask her about her books, what would you say? How would you feel? Is there any pressing questions you have that you would ask? Let me know, and I'll try my best to get some answers.

Just send me a comment or tweet me! I'll have lots of news from the set this Friday when I am in Toronto. Several other fansites will be there, so hopefully we'll get lots of pics together so you can see us in action!!

Until tomorrow ....

Amber xoxo

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