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#TMISetDay11 report from @DarianTaylor (credit: @TMI_Movienews)

Our awesome friends over at @TMI_MovieNews got the scoop on the late night action on set at The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones set. Thanks to Kristen and Darian for providing us with this set report!!!

THIS is the bomb of set-reports! Cute Darian (@dariantaylor) braved the rain and late night hours to bring us this amazing play-by-play of scenes she observed filming. #sendhercoffeequick
It sounds like they are a bit behind and ran quite a bit of dialogue yesterday…WUT! I need a tranquilizer IV until August 2013!!!
41d11 city of bones movieHey Shadowhunters!
40d11 city of bones movie

So, yesterday was my first day on set! After arriving on set around 2pm during the torrential downpour, I was drenched and freezing cold, but still very excited to be there! I first noticed the NYC taxis parked across the street, and watched them bring in the old style station wagon (which was used in a scene shot later that night). I wandered around the corner to see that they were filming behind the bookstore in the alley/parking lot. Eventually a few more people showed up and we quickly made friends with the police on site and they got us as close as we could get which was fantastic.
It was pretty slow going; we did hear them call “Rolling” and “Action” a few times, and overheard that they were filming upstairs as well. We got a few friendly warnings from the crew, just sort of telling us to be quiet, which as our group gradually became bigger, became a bit more of an issue. We did see a few brief appearances by Lily, Jamie and Aiden walking around and getting in their cars. Our first glimpse of Luke! The publicist came over to talk to us, saying that Robert was supposed to be there later that night. She also mentioned that it was a rough day for dialogue and that they were a bit behind. We then heard them call “last scene before lunch” and once the actors and crew had left, we decided to finally get some food.
After the break we watched the crew arrive and start setting up again. We moved out to the front, directly across the street from the bookstore and had the perfect spot to watch them film. They set up two cameras and multiple rain machines so they could film Jace, Clary and Simon running through the rain and then trying to get into Luke’s bookstore. While we watched them filming, we met Dudley, a stunt wardrobe crew member, and we were later joined by Anne who works for the agency.
They ran that same scene a bunch of times. Here’s how the scene sort of went: Jace, Clary and Simon running down the sidewalk in the rain, stopping at the gate in front of the bookstore, Clary would rattle the gate trying to get in and they would run around the corner of the store, Jace would stop to tell Simon to wait outside (I’m only assuming, as Simon didn’t follow them into the alley and looked upset at being left in the rain.) Then they moved the camera across the street, directly in front of us! It was so cool to be that close to the filming. They only asked us to move when they wanted to get some shots of the side of the street we were on. And even then, we weren’t asked to move far and they were very nice about it.
Then Aiden showed up. It was very exciting having all of them on set, however Jamie and Robert left after the inside scenes were finished. We watched as they moved the cameras back across the street (again in front of us!) and they started lining up all their cars. So Luke’s green truck was already there in front of the bookstore, there was another truck behind it, then a motorcycle, then the station wagon, then what I’m assuming used to be the Resident Evil ‘Raccoon City’ school bus and then two motorcycles behind that. We saw Aiden get into the truck with Lily and someone sat in the back on the edge of the truck bed (we assume it was Alcide).  So they took a few shots of all of these vehicles driving away from the bookstore (we assume on their way to the final fight against Valentine).
We desperately wanted to be on the other side of the street, and a few of the crew members behind us suggested running across the street with our books and things we wanted signed. We were so nervous to do it, thinking we’d be stopped before we even crossed the street. However we made it across and walked right up to Aiden and he was very nice about giving autographs, although he said no to photos because he was in costume (which we knew anyway, but we still tried) We left rather quickly because they were taking a few minutes before their next shot, like the director was telling Aiden what they were doing next while he was signing our stuff. We figured that was a good end to our day (around 12:30am).
Again, I need to thank Jessica (it was very nice to meet you!) and the crew, they were unbelievably nice to us and I can’t wait to go back again tonight!

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