Monday, September 17, 2012

Kevin Zegers shares more Q&A in Sunday night Twitter party

What started out as a 10-question Twitter party last night became a full fledged question/answer extravaganza when Kevin Zegers, who will portray Alec Lightwood in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, took the time out from watching football and answered questions for fans!

Here's what he had to say:

: Do you like Tim Horton's donuts??”I like Tim Hortons. Period.
: What is your favourite type of accent?”Belfast
: favourite place in toronto by far since you've come?”Sotto Sotto
: what's your favorite cereal?”cinnamon toast crunch
: avengers or justice league?”avengers
: Which city do you like the most?”Chicago.
: have you ever been in Mexico??:D... Do you want to travel to Mexico one day?”been a few times.
: favourite show?”breaking bad. 60 minutes
: favorite movie from last year?”rampart.
: who's your favorite classic actor?”Newman.
: You love Your fans? :))) <3 course.="course." don="don" family.="family." feed="feed" i="i" my="my" of="of" p="p" people="people" t="t" watching="watching" without="without" work="work">
: do you watch football (as in soccer)”yes. Watched a lot in Dublin. I'm a man united guy.
: Are you friends with Cassie Clare?”I think so. She's lovely.
: hey kevin, can you say "hi" to brazil?”hi brazil.
: what are you doing?”watching football. In bed.
: do you like leonardo dicaprio?”a lot. One of my heroes.
: favorite christmas' gift ever?”computer when I was 12
: what's your favorite color? c:”blue
: Do you have a favourite hockey team? :)”maple leafs. Kings close second
: What's the first thing you did when you found out you got the part of Alec Lightwood? :)”laughed.
: best year of your life?”this one.
: what do you want for your birthday?”I'll be on set. Just happy to be working.
: What's the best part of being Alec?”just a fun role. Fighting is pretty great though.
: who are you closest to of everyone in the cast?”lily and Jamie

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