Saturday, September 15, 2012

365 Days of TMI: Day 342 To Record and Record

Just like making a great movie, I'm learning that vlogging takes a lot of work and practice. It's one thing to do a podcast once a week or so where you can spot off random thoughts on all things Mortal Instruments, but to actually sit in front of a camera is rather alarming!
LOL, all the bloggers going to set have been slaving away the last couple days getting videos, comments, questions, etc. to show Cassie Clare, Harald Zwart and the TMI cast. We all want to make sure that the fans are represented well. Speaking of fans, tomorrow The Mortal Institute will be interviewing the vlogger Christine May (PolandBananas20) for our next episode of Witchlight. We will be releasing episodes 3, parts 1 and 2 and episode 4 all in the next week. It will be great as we get down to the last few days before the big trip to the TMI set in Toronto. I hope everyone is excited as I am to see what the actors are really like! I can't wait to share what it's like to meet Cassie and Harald and what the Shadowhunters are doing on location!!!
Stick with me, Shadowhunters! The next few days will be magical and glittery!!!
Amber xoxo

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