Monday, September 24, 2012

Shadowhunter Tweets o' the Week

SEPTEMBER 16-22, 2012:

It was an AMAZING week for the awesome TMI bloggers who were afforded the opportunity to go to THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES set in Toronto. So, this week is a mixture of fave fan tweets, TMI blogger tweets and the best of what Cassie Clare dished to fans via Twitter.

Conclusion: Shadowhunters are the best fandom. I (heart) you guys! Thanks for volunteering to guard everyone's bodies. :)

I think my obsession with and getting ALL the news is getting bad now. And I only have one real-life friend to fangirl with.

With author of 'The Mortal Instruments,' , after dinner last night! Such a lovely person!

RT : " what's Robbie doing?" Sitting in front of me wearing a Made in Brooklyn shirt

Two marriage proposals in one day!

Had such a great time on the set. Everything looks great. Stay tuned.

& I chatting it up at the airport,talking . SO much is coming. Pls b patient & stay tuned,U don't want 2 miss.
RT : " Where's Lily? And Jamie?" just talked to them both. They're working! On set!
drat you, robbie! tmisource: I’ve got Robbie and fighting over my hand in marriage ;-)

I have things not set in the Shadowhunter world (like Magisterium w/ ) but I also want to continue the Shadowhunter story.
And I just screamed "JACE!" during the Volturi scene. I made the roommate stay until they showed him. :)

This guy on my dad's game is named, President Valentine.... My Reaction:

Did u know Kevin Zegers almost play the part that went to Jeremy Renner in Mission Impossible?


Robert Sheehan will be my husband. Period. I'm competing with you, !


Jemima and Cassie Hands!!!

That awkward moment when tech support has remote access to your computer and they see how OBSESSED you are with

RT : "Is Robbie going to do the video where he introduces himself, his character, and talks about the movie?" stay tuned..

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