Saturday, September 8, 2012

365 Days of TMI: Day 349 Guided by Witchlight

Saturdays are always fun for the crew at The Mortal Institute. With Shadowhunter Saturday Twitter parties (we got #WhyWeLoveTMI to the number 1 WWTT today) and also the fact that we try to do our Witchlight podcast right after it, the team is always eager for the week to end to share the latest info on all things regarding The Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices.

What I like most about doing podcasts is the interactions with my regular podcast crew: Shannon, Katheryn, Satin and Sarah. We all have differing opinions and provide awesome insight on the TMI movie news, book news and talks on The Infernal Devices. What people don't realize is how much goes into a podcast. When we do like an hour's worth of content, it usually means we've been on the call for more like two hours... we make mistakes, laugh a lot and have a lot of dropped calls via Skype. Again, thank God for Whatsapp! It's our salvation. We have a lot of fun stuff coming up on the show: interviews with fun fans we love, contests, call-in shows, and much more. Hopefully one day we'll even have an interview with one of the cast members (crosses fingers)!

What we want to know is if there is anything you want to hear on the show. Give us your comments via the blogger site, Tumblr or on Twitter. You can also email me at

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