Saturday, September 1, 2012

365 Days of TMI - Day 356 A Box Full of Memories

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We all have a little box, or maybe even a big box, of memories stored away somewhere in our house, dorm room or apartment. They have old photos, love letters or perhaps the ticket stubs from that concert you snuck out with your best friends to attend. In City of Bones there is a little box sitting beside Jocelyn Fray's bed that holds her precious memories.

Clary describes it in "Secrets and Lies":
Jocelyn had gone back to using her maiden name after he died. She never talked about Clary's father, but she kept the box engraved with his initials, J. C., next to her bed. Along with the medals were one or two photos, a wedding ring, and a single lock of blond hair. Sometimes Jocelyn took the box out and opened it and held the lock of hair very gently in her hands before putting it back and carefully locking the box up again.
 She also talks about her dad briefly:
A thoughtful-looking fair man in military dress, his eyes bore the telltale traces of laugh lines at the corners. He'd been a decorated soldier serving overseas. Jocelyn had some of his medals in a small box by her bed. Not that the medals had done anyone any good when Jonathan Clark had crashed his car into a tree just outside Albany and died before his daughter was even born.
 Her mom worked hard to protect Clary, to keep her safe from unknown harm and to store memories that needed to be kept hidden. Even when it concerned the dad she never knew, was it better for Clary that Jocelyn let the past be the past? If you close away a portion of your life, especially if it is traumatic, do you just take all those memories, place them in a box and shut the lid? Do you forget? Can you forget?

I'm curious to know your thoughts. Share them below!

Also, keep checking back as we have some big surprises coming up soon!

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