Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Contest! A conversation between Jamie and Robert

"Hey there, Robert...nice to meet you."

Calling all Shadowhunters! It's time to put your powers of creativity to work! We've got a little contest going...

So, here's the thing: Don't you just wish that you could hang out with Jamie Bower? Or Robert Sheeran? Or both of them? Of course you do! And don't you wish you could've been there the first time the two of them met? Just imagine all that awesomeness coming together in one room.

Well, unfortunately, none of us were there. (As far as I know...if you were there, you should tell us everything immediately!) And we may never know what actually happened on that fateful day when Jamie and Robert met.  But we can imagine...right?

That's where you guys come in: I want you guys to imagine the first conversation Robert and Jamie had, and then tell us all about it. It doesn't have to be realistic. Did they talk about whose hair was more fabulous? How much they both wished they were playing Alec so they could make out with Godfrey? You tell us!

Leave your ideas in comments and we'll pick winners...soon! Fabulous prizes to be announced!

Also, sadly this contest is only open to Shadowhunters in the US, Canada and Mexico. But anyone is welcome to submit ideas. You just won't get a prize. Also, you must be ages 16 and up!

"Jamie, you might have golden locks, but the ladies love my red scarf"

1 comment:

  1. Jamie: Hello Robert my what wondrous green eyes you have.
    Robbie: Why thank you good sir. The ladies to love the green eyes ;)
    Jamie: That they do but my fabulous golden hair does attract a fair amount and the accent just drives them bonkers.
    Robbie: And have you not heard the Irish voice of an angel that I do possess just makes them drop their panties :)
    Jamie: Well touche my good friend it seems we will have an interesting few months ahead of us
    Robbie: That we will my good sir, that we will.


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