Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kevin Zegers tweets TMI fans

Fans of The Mortal Instruments series were treated today with an impromptu Q&A Twitter Party by the one and only Kevin Zegers, who is Alec Lightwood in the upcoming movie City of Bones.

Fans got a lot of insight into the star, who talked a little bit about the series overall and then answered personal questions on his likes, said hi to fans, and even wished a lucky follower happy birthday. He even tweeted us about his fave charity, The Lollipop Theater Network, which is nonprofit organization that arranges showings of first-run movies to children confined to hospitals.

Here's what Kevin had to say!!

: do you believe in the supernatural?”yes
: what's your favorite holiday?”christmas.
: What is your ideal partner like?” I have mine. Her name is Jaime
: would you rather live without music or live without tv?” tough one. Music.
: were you a bully or a nerd?”neither.
: a hero character you would like to play?”not sure. A lot of pressure playing a superhero.
: What's been your fave thing about playing Alec so far? Xx”the whole experience has been incredible.
: If a director made a movie about yourself, who would play you in the movie?” Jonah hill
: say hi to your danish fans :)” hello
: do you have fun filming on set? :)”no. I hate every moment. ;)
: What do you prefer...Films or TV work?”both.
: how's your bromance with robert and jamie?”solid.
: Do you see a television series? Like what?” bad. Best show I've ever seen.
: Please, tweet 'Hola México' (hello México) =)”hola Mexico
: a country you've never been to but would love to visit??” Maldives
: If you weren't an actor, what would you like to be?”doctor or cop
: what do you do in your free time?”golf, cook, and watch sports
: do you have any charities you promote? Fans would probably love to help support”lollipop theatre network
: what's your favorite ice-cream flavor?”cookies and cream
: Simple question... How are you?(:”haha. I'm good thanks. Tired from working out, but good.
: who is your favourite character (besides Alec!) in TMI books?”jace
: If you could choose, who would you play in The Mortal Instruments? Btw, your dogs are precious!”Alec.
: what genre do you enjoy reading?” I like non fiction.
: if you could be any person in the world, who would want to you be?”I'm happy being me
: What do you like to eat the most? :)”sushi
: Kevin! my birthday is tomorrow, can you say hi to me? love from Chile :)”happy birthday Pia
: what's your favourite movie?:)” se7en, saving private Ryan, dead man walking, cool hand Luke
: who would you like to do a movie with?” Meryl Streep, Daniel day-Lewis, Tom hardy, Phil Hoffman
: who is your favourite character you have ever played? Toby in Transamerica
: when are you going to see Godfrey? I think in a few weeks.
: what breed are your dogs :)”both rescues. No idea
: What is your favorite book?” mortal instruments. ;)
: What is your favorite song?”anything by David gray
: What is your favorite color, Kevin?”blue
: Your dogs are so cute:) What are their names?”Walter and Nugget.
What was you favorite tweet he sent? Share your thoughts below or share them with us on Twitter.  

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