Tuesday, September 4, 2012

365 Days of TMI: Day 363 - The best laid plans


 The title of this pretty much sums up a lot of things about #TMISetDay11. Thanks again to the remnants of Hurricane Isaac, Toronto received torrential rainfall and kept our own Toronto correspondent Shannon Catori away from set. We care about Shannon's safety and well being, so we wanted her to stay home and stay dry!! Luckily, there are a lot more days left on set, so we have plenty of things in store. Never fear, my Shadowhunters.

We were the first to reveal Garroway's Books and Curios, the location of the filming for the first day of set week 3. When thinking about this, it reminded me a little bit of our discussion yesterday about how Jocelyn wanted Clary and Luke to go to Luke's farmhouse to get away. As we learned, this just simply didn't go as planned. Good intentions don't always make for perfect plans. Here's an additional look from that scene:

"If we were out of the city.."
"Talk to her, Jocelyn." Luke's voice was firm. "I mean it." He reached for the doorknob.
The door flew open. Jocelyn gave a little scream.

"Jesus!" Luke exclaimed.

"Actually, it's just me," said Simon. "Although I've been told the resemblance is startling." He waved at Clary from the doorway. "You ready?"

Jocelyn took her hand away from her mouth. "Simon, were you eavesdropping?'

Simon blinked. "No, I just got here." He looked from Jocelyn's pale face to Luke's grim one. "Is something wrong? Should I go?"

"Don't bother," Luke said. "I think we're done here." He pushed past Simon, thudding down the stairs at a rapid pace. Downstairs, the front slammed shut.

Simon, hovered in the doorway, looking uncertain. "I can come back later," he said. "Really. It wouldn't be a problem."

That might --," Jocelyn began, but Clary was already on her feet.

"Forget it, Simon. We're leaving," she said, grabbing her messenger bag from a hook near the door. She slung it over her shoulder, glaring at her mother. "See you later, Mom."
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