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SHADOWHUNTER MISSION: Share your JAMIE love with us!!!

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Okay, so I've been trying to figure out a way to show our love and support for Jamie Campbell Bower by asking everyone to tweet #JamieISJace via Twitter. It's gone really well, trending in countries like Spain and Italy.  However, I am realizing that if it doesn't trend worldwide, he may not ever see it. :( So, in seeing that we need a post to make this work, I thought I'd add this post to send out to Jamie to show him just how much his fans love him.

I've said all morning that these are only supposed to be POSITIVE comments. Although not everyone feels the same way about the casting, it is important that we realize that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Hate shouldn't breed hate, ya know?! So, what I would like is to post your love for Jamie in the comments section, and I'll tweet Cassie to let her know the comments are available. Maybe she could pass them along to him. Crosses fingers!!!

I guess first and foremost, I feel honored that we have someone like Jamie as Jace because I think he is super dedicated to this role. He has always been a fave actor of mine, particularly in his role on Camelot as King Arthur (swoon worthy acting). I think back to in early 2011 when he talked about his upcoming role with MTV news, and I could tell he was really thrilled to have this role. He seemed genuinely honored to have the opportunity to play Jace, and I believe he will do the part justice. He looks like Jace to me. He had that witty personality that I feel that is very Jace like, and at the end of the day, I think he will be able to portray that vulnerability that we see Jace have when he starts slowly falling for Clary. 

I could go on and on all day (and I will on Twitter), but for now, I want you all to share your comments!! Let Jamie know why you love him in the comments below!! :) 

- Amber, TMI Institute blogger

To start, here are some of our fave tweets about Jamie today, featuring the trending hashtag #JamieISJace... get ready for the TMI fangasm!! :)

\ 4h JodyGus JodyGus@JodyGus
The official flag for JACE  
  4h Sandra Lanros Sandra Lanros@shadowhuntista
He looks hot in his gear, I have to admit it!

and that's final. 
Jace: If you wanted me to rip my clothes off, you should have just asked. OMFG IF JAMIE SAYS THIS I'LL DIE SO HARD ASDFGHJKL

TREND GUYS! Because there's NOTHING more true <3

I want to touch 's mango everytime I see him, therefore he must be Jace.
You make the perfect Jace! You look just like how I imagined him and I can just see you are perfect for the role!

Ok, jumped the gun on the trend ...but it bothers me to know he is bothered by peoples distaste for him as Jace. 

hey there handsome ! you are Jace .k? no one can replace that ,you're stuck with us crazy fangirls forever  ily

I think you're the perfect Jace, wouldn't have it any other way!

Jamie is bringing his own wit, charm, and badass stunts to Jace. How can you not believe because he's most certainly mine❤ 

This is ridiculous! and will always be the perfect fit for him! He has the perfect personality and looks for Jace! 

!!!! Jamie is the perfect Jace to me, so please tweet to show your love!!! :) 

Awwwww I missed trending on twitter!! Glad to see him getting lots of love from the fandom though! :D 

for Australia too!! 

thanks for leading the charge to send some well deserved TMI fandom love.
Jamie is the perfect Jace :) 
in case you forgot;-) 
prove the haters wrong and give it your all. You are our Jace, 💛💙💜 
I'm listening to the unedited version of our Witchlight podcast from Saturday. Sarah said ... foreshadowing!! ;)
lets be real guys. He has the role for a reason. Dont shut him down for a petty dislike
and no one else compares HE'S PERFECT. 💜 

And an excellent one at that!!! Don't let anyone tell you differently ! Us Brits have got to stick together, haha x 
he is so fucking hottttt 

So, I just want to say that I do support as Jace Wayland. He's a fine actor and I'm sure he'll do great!
is Jace he will do an amazing job, I'm sure they all will!
JCB is going to rock TMI movie as Jace. I cannot wait until next year! The on set photos so far are totally swoon worthy!
I completely missed the thing. Too bad. But that's okay. I just hope he knows now or soon how much we love him in the role!!! 

Thank you for being the most perfect Jace, we're giving you total support. s2 


This is ridiculous! and will always be the perfect fit for him! He has the perfect personality and looks for Jace!
From Hawaii with LOVE!!!
Shadowhunters unite!
How can anyone think that Jamie is anything less than perfect for Jace?
Today is Jamie´s day... 'Cause ... OUR perfect Jace :) 
seriously guys have you seen him in his shadowhunting outfit? 
I seriously LOVE Jamie. He honestly is the perfect Jace.
What is with all the hate?!?! and he's perfect for the role 
Jamie you know we love you and support you all the way!
When I first heard JCB was Jace, I wasn't sure. But having seen photos of him as Jace, I'm SOLD-he's PERFECT! Show some love!

I WONT STOP TWEETING ok even if everybody has stopped 
is the PERFECT Jace!!!
Jamie Campbell Bower is going to be perfect at being Jace. I didn't believe it at first,but,after watching interviews with him,
I mean just give him golden contacts and boom! You've got jace!

Because Jamie is simply perfect for the role, he's a brilliant actor. And hot.


  1. I first saw Jamie in Sweeney Todd and then i met him at a twilight convention in the UK a couple years ago. Ever since then i've been a lover of him in anything from cameos in Harry Potter to main roles in Camelot. He's a charming, sweet guy and so kind to his fans. I cant wait to see YOU, Jamie, in City of Bones. You're going to be brilliant as Jace. You're a fantastic growing actor and you really dont deserve hate from ignorant people. Loving you always, Kat. (P.s.sorry for talking in third person at first. Haha)

  2. I admit, reading the books I could only picture *clears throat* one person as Jace. But the more I saw Jamie the more I realized he has it all. I can no longer picture anyone else playing this role.I am completely confident that he was always meant to be Jace. We love him and support him.

  3. I have watched all your movies and all I can say is that 1st: You are much talented, an amazing actor, that you can portray anything from a sailor singing his heart out for his beloved, to king Arthur and Edward De Vere. 2nd: I have watched many of your interviews and you seem like an awesome fun guy, passionate about your job and a very kind person. And I don't have to mention that you're extremely good looking! All those qualities are the perfect combination for me at least for an actor to play Jace!

    Dear Jamie, the mortal instruments family loves you and supports you, never forget that, you are the perfect Jace for us and if you hear any negative comments just ignore them :D

  4. I can only say that Jamie has completely changed my perception on who should have been cast as Jace. Jamie IS Jace. He has that angelic face and a beautiful aura about him. I hope that he sees how much support he has and does not let the negativity get to him.

    Love to all

  5. I've seen Jamie in Twilight and Camelot. He is an absolutely STUNNING actor and I have no doubt in my mind that he will not only pull off the role as Jace, but will soar with flying colors.
    To Jamie, I am so excited to see you in the City of Bones. To see you in Shadowhunter black, runes up and down your arms... ahh! So excited! All those people who can't see a great, experienced, and utterly stunning actor when they see one don't deserve your concern or your thoughts. So many of us love you Jamie, and we outnumber the ignorant by hundreds of thousands. We have faith in you, and will be behind you all the way. :)

  6. You have all the beauty, the energy and the strength that Jace have! You're our Jace, don't matter what they say. Brazil loves you Jamie!

  7. Jamie,you are a great actor and you should never doubt your skills. We trust the people that choose you to be our Jace, they do this every day and there is reason why they picked you. In life is inevitable that someone is going to tell you that you are not good enough, but it's up to you (always!) to choose whether you believe in them or you believe in yourself.
    You can see that we are all (TMI fans) coming together to trend #JamieISJace, to make you know that we support you.:)
    So do a great job and everyone will eventually see that you ARE our Jace like we already see!
    Lots of love,

  8. Jamie Campbell Bower was meant to be Jace.Period.Shitty people who say mean things are just jealous of you so DO NO listen to them.I first saw you in HP and you were so charming(even with a bloody nose)and so handsome and I was like 'Oh he's gonna be a heartbreaker'.And so you are.And you've got these badness and charms running into your blood just like Jace.And you're hot and look very very good in leather pants.So you're PERFECT for this role.You make Shadowhunters pround.Finnally I wanted to say that , as big fan of yours,that you'll be smashing In CoB.Love you,Wana

  9. I just don't know how start this and don't cry when I think about all the hate that Jamie is receiving. Jamie, I really really believe in you. You are the most amazing person, you're a lot of funny and you are so hot that I can't even. Now seriously. You are the perfect Jace. No one in the entire world could be better than you. I love you so much. And thanks for not giving up on us.

    I love you. ♥


  10. We're supporting you, Jamie. Don't realy listen what the haters say. The real fans are here for you.
    From Brazil Institute. <3

  11. When I found out Jamie was playing Jace thats when I started reading the books. He is the only person that could really play the character well and I don't know why he was getting so much hate. If it wasn't for Jamie I probably wouldn't have read the best books ever:)

  12. Jamie is absolutely the perfect Jace! He looks exactly how I pictured jace! In all the interviews I've seen of him, he seemed so honored to be playing Jace! I Love You as Jace Jamie!

  13. Jaime you will be awesome as Jace. Brilliant actors make characters come to life and I know you will! We can't wait to see the finished product next year! I hope I can see you at the premiere!

    Go slay them!!!


  14. Jamie is the perfect Jace because of many reasons: his angelic beauty, his sense of humor, his crafty attitudes, his shimmering smile ;D and above all, his talent. He's such a talented actor and he worked hard in his life to get where he is now. I mean, he worked with Tim Burton!
    So Jamie, if you are reading this (I'd be totally thrilled if this should happen) I just want you to know that many people support you and love you. And man, you are the coolest guy ever. I had to say this. All you guys from the cast are great. Can't wait to see City Of Bones, I'm sure it will be epic.
    Much love,

  15. A considerable part of the fandom had Alex Pettyfer as the first option, and I confess that yes, I was included in that. When Jamie was chosen for the role, I was torn between acceptance and rejection. Acceptance because Jamie did what Alex Pettyfer did: GIVE VALUE TO CHARACTER. I know he came from London especially for the audition, he studied the character, he knew what to do and how. Rejection, and do not say it totally and completely, because yes, it is difficult to put forward something, and things do not come out the way you want. And when it is in our lives, we will not deal with it, right? So I decided to wait. It is very easy to judge people when the person is not even characterized it. R-Pattz was virtually thrown to the sharks of Twilight fandom when chosen to play Edward. And he did not shut up all the fans who doubted him? And when I saw Jamie as Jace, entitled to all the black clothes the stars, the golden hair brands, there's no telling what he NOT BORN TO BE OUR JACE. In fact, we will go and personal, is not only stunning beauty that is done Jace Wayland. He is also sarcasm is physical size, is stubbornness. After everything we've seen, you still think Jamie is not fit for this responsibility? Do you think that not only he, but also the production of TMI involved, would have given the guy a slap was not sure if he would do a good job? No one is obligated to like anyone, but respect is key, and that's all that Jamie deserves this moment. He's doing his job, and more than ever, needs our support against the ignorant talking bad things about him without even knowing his work. He has talent, he has ability, and will silence all the haters who think an actor who simply dismissed CoB as a sheet of paper was the most suitable. I changed my vision and today I have no words to define Jamie Campbell Bower. I read City of Lost Souls, and I see him. He, he, he. He is my Jace. And nothing will change that. # JamieISJace, and that love will not destroy me.

  16. To be honest, aside from Sweeney Todd (several years back), I haven't seen much of JCB in anything else (save for his bit part in the Twilight movies), but then I happened to watch a clip of him as Arthur in the cable series, Camelot, and found he can be quite charming (as well as a much better actor then a certain fancast favorite of which I will not name!) and is very handsome, despite what some naysayers may think.
    Then I saw the pictures of him dressed in the Shadowhunter gear, and I have to admit I was struck into "Whoa"-ness. He is definitely Jace, and he will play him greatly!

    This issue came about in another big fandom (THG) in which people didn't think that a certain male brunette could never be right for a blonde-haired baker's son. Many of them turned had to take back their words after seeing the movie.

    As such, it is just silly to think so negatively about an actor in such a way without having even seen the movie in which the actor is being chastised for.

    I think he will do the role of Jace admirably and I look forward to seeing the movie with all these beautiful and awesome people. :)

  17. It's no secret how passionately I feel about Jamie playing Jace, I've fought his corner many a time. But the fact is there really isn't that many people out there who don't supprt Jamie. A huge Majority of TMI fans think Jamie is perfect for the role, myself included. The way I see it is Cassie created Jace and we as readers imagine Jace as she intended. Smart, funny, strong and vulnerable. All of which qualities I see a little in Jamie. We are lucky to have such a talented actor, he is incredible and there is no doubt in my mind he IS Jace, a lot of pressure nut he was born for this role! And I know, I KNOW he will be perfect. I have every faith. You are a wonderful person Jamie and you have a lot of love behind you! Can't wait for you to bring Jace to life xxx

  18. I have no words to explain how much i love Jamie Campbell Bower! And this love just grow and grow with his awesome personality and hard work.
    Really, i believed in him since the start and now, i believe in him more than everything.
    Jamie is a great actor and a great person! Thanks Jamie, to bringing to us Jace Wayland to life \o/


  19. A lot of people forgot that their words hurt whether they say them in person to someone they know or from behind a computer screen to someone they don't. It's also often forgotten that celebrities are real people with feelings and can be hurt just like anyone else. In life there will always be people who tell you that you are not good enough, talented enough or clever enough and it's up to you to make them eat their words, to show that that you ARE good enough. In this case i truly think that you, Jamie, and all the rest of the cast that have received hate (or not) will do this. You were all chosen for a reason because many talented people believed in you, i hope you're not letting the hate get to you because that would be such a shame.
    I cannot wait for the films to come out and a lot of shamed faces to emerge as they have been proven wrong because you have all done a fantastic job.
    Love, Benita

  20. Jamie, you are a great actor. I started to admire you since Sweeney Todd and Camelot made me love you even more. Besides you are stunningly attractive, you are super talented and a great person. In all the interviews I had seen, you were very funny and kind, and you have been so charming with the fans in different events. You are one of the few actors that have kept their feet on the ground after success.
    I can’t picture anyone else as Jace. You are the perfect Jace , just forget the negative comments… my grandpa once told me “Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them”… so I think after the movie premiere we´ll find a lot of poisoned people… because I’m totally sure you are going to shut them up with your performance.
    All my love from Colombia… hope you can come some day.
    Pd/ I love your music and I’m still waiting for more.

  21. Jaime is such a talented actor. He can transform himself to any character that he wants. I especially loved his performance in Sweeney Todd. He has certain characteristics about him that just breathe Jace. It's a beautiful things to see words and characters come to life. Jaime is Jace. He will do him justice and shut everyone up once the movie comes out. Just as Robert Pattinson did years ago. We love the TMI cast and those that do not, don't understand the beauty of Life imitating Art, and vice versa.

  22. To be honest I don't know why we even have to discuss this! Is it not already completely clear that Jamie is the best Jace we could have ever hoped for? We TMI fans couldn't have lucked out more to have our beloved character portrayed by an actor who 100% fits the profile. After being on set a few times and watching the actors at work I can honestly say that Jamie is out doing himself in bringing Jace to life. It really feels like Jace walking down the street, handing out in an alley, kicking down doors at the Hotel Dumort. Let's give the man some credit! He's doing a fantastic job and I truly don't think we'd have the same movie or character chemistry that we're getting if someone else was playing the part. Jamie is a perfect fit and I stand by that completely. The casting director and Cassandra Clare know what they're doing for crying out loud! Let's all back off and give them some space to do what they do best!

    Everyone has a right to their opinion, don't get me wrong, but Jamie is Jace! It's said and done and like I said before he's doing a phenomenal job so let's all anxiously wait the release of the film, trailers even! Where we get to see the phenom cast bring our Shadowhunter world to life!

    That is all!
    Shannon Catori

  23. The first time I saw Jamie was cast as jace I was ecstatic! I knew that he was a good actor and he looks exactly like jace! I mean just look at the picture! I started loving him more as jace when I saw the cast photo! He is how jace looked in my mind!
    People have their opinions but there are many in this fandom that would go through fire to prove to you that you are our first choice! I mean we've been tryin to trend jamie is out jace for the whole day!
    I know that the movie will be awesome and I know that you will be a big part of it!
    So stay strong! Cause even if there are people against you as Jace there is probably more who want you as Jace!

  24. What can I say to Jamie? He's such a flawless actor and he's loved by all brazilians fans. We're telling you, Jamie, that we're here, waiting for you to come here so we could tell you in person how MAZING you're and how much we love and support you.

    We're proud of our Jace.

    The Brazil Institute.

  25. Jamie's British accent is super hot! I could listen to him talk all day!!

  26. I haven't seen Jamie before is any movie so I don't know if he's perfect for Jace at first but reading the book and watching Interviews he did and Just imagining Jace in my Head, he turn out to be MORE than PERFECT for Jace, I mean he's like the REAL LIFE Jace, idk and whats more than that is that Jamie is doing his own stunt and working his butt off to deliver the perfect Jace so Instead of bashing and disagreeing give him a chance, he's an amazing Actor and I think he will prove all the people wrong and everyone will regret saying that he's not the perfect Jamie!

    and Jamie YOU ARE the P E R F E C T Jace, I don't think you should care about what those "Mundanes" :p think keep up the amazing Job, everyone love you and want you to Jace. <3

  27. I have been a JCB fan for a while now. When I found out that Jamie was going to play Jace I was so happy. I think that he is absolutely perfect for this role. He will play Jace to the best of his ability. He is an amazing actor and I can not wait to see what he does to bring Jace to life. I know that he will bring all of his amazingness to this role. Jamie is the best Jace that we could have and I am so excited to see him in action.

    Jamie you are awesome and perfect for Jace. YOU ARE JACE!

  28. Johnny Depp is my favorite actor. He did Edward Scissor Hands, The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd, Dark Shadows, Alice in Wonderland ...

    He only made these different roles because of talent. Jamie should do this movie, without giving attention to these silly criticisms. Because when the movie comes out these girls will go out of the movies talking about how good the movie is, how much Janie looks like Jace and they will scream that he is wonderful. I know, being wonderful is not the question, but I really want say they will swallow their words. Jamie can be the perfect Jace.

  29. Jamie Campbell Bower was always my Jace, and he always will be. The are million reasons why. First of all, he's so talented. I've watched Camelot, Anonymous and The Twilight Saga, so I'm not just saying that just for the sake of it. I've always admired his acting. He's always so believable, like he's actually the person that he plays. Also, he's always so dedicated to his role. Moreover, Jamie just has the whole Jace attitude. He doesn't even need to act that much. Whenever I read the books, I always imagine Jamie as Jace, not only because he looks like the part but because Jace's attitude reminds me of Jamie. As we kept trending today, #JamieISJace. ;)

    Moreover, he's darn gorgeous. Like swoon-worthy gorgeous (I really hope he won't think we're a bunch of crazy fangirls, if he sees that lol). And he looks like Jace. Blond, with lean and muscled body, tall and stunningly attractive. Only their eyes are different, which is fine by me. Those beautiful, blue eyes deserve to be seen haha!

    The fact that he's so real, though, made me totally adore him. He never pretends to be something he's not. He's going to say whatever he wants about someone or something. And I just love that. You rarely get to see a famous person to just be himself.

    To sum up, Jamie has the whole package. He's a great actor, he's beautiful and real. So, Jamie if you're reading this, I just want you to know that we love and support you always. We all know that you'll be an amazing Jace! Have fun on set :)

    Love from Greece,

  30. I think Jamie will be great as Jace. He was awesome in his role in Camelot and I think he can pull off Jace's quick wit and humor lol. I'm looking forward to seeing him in TMI #JamieISJace

  31. If Jamie reads this, first I would like him to know that I've been a fan since he was in Sweeney Todd. I've watched everything he has ever been in and still always listen to his band(seriously you guys need to make an album soon or something).
    Second I'd like him to know that 99% of TMI fans adore him. And the 1% thats left over are just horrible bitches who have complained about the whole cast. Not just you Jamie. And they dont matter, because as soon as they see the film they will realise there was nothing for them to be complaining about in the first place.

    So ignore them, we TMI fans DO love you. Dont let it get you down because those people arent worth even thinking about. Your doing amazing, all of you. Just remember that this type of thing happens with every book to movie thing (Harry potter, the hunger games, twilight. All those casts were bitched about and those films were all massively successful and now everyone loves those casts).

    Jamie you are SO jace that sometimes its like Jace is playing Jamie.
    Your hilarious, sweet, kind, caring, lovable, adorable, gorgeous, crazy, slightly hyper, and I just cant put into words how much I respect you and all your hard work. We all admire how much enthusiasm and effort you have put into this. We REALLY do. We've been trending things for you (so get your arse on twitter more!) To show you how much we really appreciate you.

    I know you wont change like most actors do when they get ridiculously famous, because your so down to earth and lovely and I love your skinny jeans so dont ditch them for some overrated suit pants!

    Thank you for everything, I love you so much.

  32. Don't listen to all of the hate, Jamie. You are an incredible actor and will be an incredible Jace. I can't wait to see you and the rest of the cast on the big screen when The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones hits theaters next August.

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  34. Jamie is Jace, and will be perfect! How I'm sure of that? By simply being an actor Jamie complete, but he knows all the nuances demonstrate the character, like his sarcasm, his arrogance, his vunerabilidade.
    He will not only repeat the lines in the script, it will transform in a way that when you look at the movie screen will not see more Jamie, but the Jace, straight out of the books for our reality.
    If Jamie read this, know that we Shadowhunters true fans are with you, trusting you and your work!And We love you!
    The Brazil Institute

  35. I'm a Newbie to TMI but I have just finished reading City of Bones and I think you will be perfect for the part Jamie. The books have such a major following so casting is always difficult. It's probably an impossibility to please everybody's view of who should be cast as a character according to the image they have already in their head.

    Have as much faith in yourself as those that handed you the role - you earned the right to it by the impression you made in auditions. You will be fabulous don't let anyone make you think otherwise.

    Can't wait to see the whole production - much love xx

  36. Jamie, your brazilian fans love you! You're our Jace =D I love you!! Thank you Jamie!!!!

  37. Thank you Jamie, You're our Jace !! I love you =)

  38. Jamie after seeing you at The Hotel Dumort set I've decided that you ARE Jace! You're perfect and the fans love you :)

  39. Jamie looks so HOT in that picture!! cannot wait to see our Jace on screen in City of Bones!!! #JamieIsJace afsdnvsdovhdspfscnlsdvhsdvsch sooooo excitd!! I love you Jamie!!!!

  40. Dear Jamie [If you see this] I would like you to know that you are a badass motherfucker okay? There is absolutely no-one better out there for Jace than you. You've got the looks, the attitude, and the ability to make that role shine. Personally I think actors get the negative news before the positive, and I can gladly assure you that everyone I've happened to stumble upon has rooted you on for Jace since you were cast.

    You should definitely get back on twitter to see that and just forget the haters. You're a superb actor and have an amazing talent and personality, as do the rest of the cast also. We love you, Jamie! #JamieISJace < 3

    - Chazzy

  41. I adore Jamie. He is the perfect Jace, he's amazing. And I hope he sees this and knows how loved he is.

  42. I will admit, I was wary of Jamie at first but ONLY because he was the only main cast member that I hadn't seen in more than bit parts. But once he got cast I sat down and watched a bunch of his other work and now that I've gotten to see his acting style better I have to say that I don't think they could've picked anyone better! Jamie is the perfect Jace and i am more than ready to swoon over his sexiness on the big screen next year!

  43. haters trying to let you down, but it makes me love you more and more. Honestly, When the first time I read CoB I picture some one else as Jace ;) but after you got the role I couldn't see anyone else but you as Jace. Love and support from Indonesia <3

  44. Jamie,

    You're a great actor and you have amazing talent. I personally think you're going to be great as Jace. When I saw a picture of you in Shadowhunter gear for the first time, you looked exactly like the Jace I've always imagined in my mind since I started reading the books. I've been a fan of yours since I saw Sweeney Todd, and I can't wait to see you on screen as Jace Wayland.

    We want you to know that you have the TMI Family's full support and we all believe in you and love you.

    Also, you look gorgeous in black.
    Keep on being the kickass amazing person that you are. #JamieIsJace


  45. I love Jamie in the role of Jace.
    He is a great actor and very handsome. :)
    Here some pictures of TT #JamieISJace today. ^^

  46. Jamie, you're the most perfect Jace we could have and I love you.

  47. I've loved Jamie since the moment I saw him in Sweeney Todd, and the whole time I read the "TMI" books I was picturing him as Jace, so when I saw he got the role I was jumping with excitement. I've always had a Jamie fansite, which is now located at, and I've always been a very committed fan, I just think he's AMAZING and going to have a huge career. HE IS JACE and I couldnt be happier!

  48. Jamie, you are Jace and I truly believe that there could be no better choice than you. You're gonna kick ass!

  49. I love jamie <3 he is perfect as jace and i can not wait for the movie to come out! i'm italian and here is 00.56 a.m. so i'm tired and scrivo in italiano qualcosa su di jamie
    è una persona carinissima, in ogni su intervista si puó capire quanto ami stare con i fan e quanto ami il suo lavoro!
    lo trovo estremamente bello amo i soui meravigliosi occhi da gatto azzurri *-*, si li amo, ha un sorriso da ragazzaccio troppo affascinante! e in più è inglese, ha un accento da paura e io lo amo.
    tro sia un bravo attore e credo che in COB farà un lavoro incredibile!
    un bacio susi

  50. Jamie is going to be such an amazing Jace!! At first I didn't recognize the name, but after I learned who he was and how excited he was to play Jace, I cannot picture anyone else playing Jace!! :) HE is going to make this movie perfect for me! :) So happy to see him play Jace!! =D

  51. #JamieIsJace and his a perfect Jace. I feel like he is Jace outside of filming. He has jace's persona. and his a fantastic Actor. I loved him in Twilight, Sweeney todd, Etc. I know people all see Jace different. just because his not the Jace you want, don't mean you should hate. Give Jamie a chance i know you will like him once you see him on the big screen as Jace. Jamie and Lily have such great chemistry, so to me no one else can do it (with the same chemistry). Cassie picked him to play Jace for a reason and everyone should respect that and not hate on Jamie! cause he can act i have seen it myself. we should be happy that we even have a jace and a movie.

  52. Yes!! Jamie Campbell Bower is Jace! When I found out Jamie Campbell Bower was cast as Jace I was so overjoyed. I am very thankful he is Jace and not other actors who were rumored for the role. Because Jamie is Jace I am more excited to see the City of Bones movie.

    Thank you Jamie Campbell Bower, thank you so much for being Jace! It means so much to me. Anyone who disagrees with me will eat their words when they see the movie! Never give up Jamie, you will blow everyone away!

  53. I can't wait to see Jamie as Jace. He is going to make us fall in love with Jace on the big screen. All the sarcasm, vulnerability, toughness, hotness..It's going to be amazing! Love you JCB!!

    Thanks to Cassie Clare for writing City of Bones and making this movie possible. And thanks to Jamie for being Jace!

  54. ok from latinamerica to Jamie #JamieISjace there Is a language wall here sorry about my english but i will try to tell you all the things why i think you re the perfect jace, first and most important Is your wonderfull and talented acting, i think this is an art where is a big deal how u express the emotions and i love actors who do that with their eyes and you are one of them, you are be able to make feel anything you want to an audience! and jace Is a very special rich complex character who is able to make u feel so many differents things, u can laugh out loud, cry, scare, enjoy with him. i definitely trust that u are the perfect jace! also you guys share yourselves the amazing fun sense of humor, the ironic sarcasm and so clever wit! you are one of my fave actors as jace Is my fave character! u have all my support! i dont know if saying this Is really matter but i have to it's important to me that u know it! oooohhh forgot really love ur voice! all the succes and good luck on this tmi road! please dont change your authenticity! twitter user rosmari80 from vzla love u guys!

  55. I'm so proud of myself because I LOVE JAMIE AS JACE since was announced!!! I just take a few seconds to Love it! To me, #JamieisJace ever ♡ >>>he is the KING ARTHUR,he is THE CAIUS VOLTURE , he is THE PRISIONER, he is the SWEENEY TODD'S SWEET GUY, he appeared 5 secs(who cares?) in HP ......and now he is our JACE Wayland/Liyhwood/Herondale...BLESS HIM!!!!!!!

  56. There will always be haters out there but just remember there will be ten times the amount of fans. He's the only person I imagine when I read the books. I think he will be excellent playing Jace!

  57. It's quite difficult to please everyone, we all know that, but it's really upsetting to be receiving a lot of criticism for doing nothing else than just your job.

    Except Jamie has done more than that, he's done more than just his job, he fought for Jace, he's become more and more Jace-like as time passed by and we could all see from pictures his commitment to this role. From what I can see, Jamie understands how loved Jace is and the responsibility of making Jace become a reality to our eyes. He asked once for a chance and I think it's the fans' turn to ask for one.

    We want a chance to show Jamie that, for us fans, he IS our Jace.

    Jace goes beyond angelic looks and blonde hair. Jace is more than just a hot body covered with runes, more than just a guy who happens to have superpowers. Jace needs someone who shares his depth to exist and no one better than Jamie Campbell Bower to make that happen. We need a great actor and I am sure Jamie will deliver just what we need.

    Best of luck in all your future endeavours!

    From The Brazil Institute,

    Carol Valentim

  58. "I don't like that actor!"
    "I want that person, because I THINK HE/SHE IS GOOD"
    "If it's not gonna be that person, I will NOT watch that stupid movie!"

    People have to realize it's very hard to make a book-into-movie-thing. Everyone has his/her own imagination so it's NOT possible to please everyone. The characters of the book are a creation of the writer of the book, and only the writer knows exactly how they look like, because he/she wrote the story.

    So I am happy Cassandra Clare is happy with the choices of the actors for this movie. Don't forget SHE is the creator, SHE told us about this world and SHE knows exactly who the characters are and how they look like.

    And I know there are a lot of people who can't stand the fact that Jamie is playing Jace because they want someone else. I think they have to think twice. If you only look at the looks of a person, that's fine. Your opinion. But you have to give everyone a chance. Don't judge before you see the movie!

    I love Jamie!

    I think Jamie is a very good choice. I love the work he did (Sweeney Todd, Twilight, etc) and he's pretty close like the Jace I have in mind.
    See, in my head he FITS.
    Because I have my own imagination, so that's why maybe the haters think he's not their Jace, because they have other pictures in mind. But that must not be a reason to threat Jamie like this. He don't deserve that! He love this role, he WANT to be Jace! So don't blame him because he loves his job and he loves this story and wants to play Jace but he maybe don't look like the picture of Jace in your head.

    Wait. Be patient.
    I'm sure everyone will love him as Jace when the movie comes out, and we are all thinking "I told you so!" at that moment :)

    xxx Ivette, Holland

  59. Everyone has different opinions and it's fine, it makes the world a more intersting place. You can disagree with casting choices, you can talk about it and argument but being hateful isn't acceptable. Because words can hurt badly and an actor is still a human being, that fact didn't change when he became famous,he can be hurt. Pepole should remember this sometimes.

    I don't know if Jamie we'll see all these messages but I hope he will because he deserves to know how much he is loved.
    He is a great actor, I've been amazed by his talent since Sweeney Todd and I know he will be a perfect Jace.
    He is a part of our TMI family and will always be.
    He should be loved just for wanting to be in the movie, he wants to be Jace ! And look at everything he did for the role, all that training and these efforts ! I'm very impressed, he's an excellent and lovely actor. Jamie IS Jace, no matter what people say. Maybe he doesn't fit their mental image, maybe they didn't imagine Jace like this but Jace isn't just a handsome blond guy (wich Jamie is too by the way) he has depth and there isn't much actors capable of expressing it but Jamie is very talented and I'm pretty sure he will do this perfectly :)
    I can't wait to see the movie, for him and the whole cast. We are a very lucky fandom because we have the best cast ever.

    I hope Jamie will see all our love and never feel bad again. And if he got hateful messages again he can look here and smile thanks to all our kind words.

    My english isn't very good and I could'nt really express my feelings but the essential is here.

    Amélie, from France

  60. How nice to see my work as the title of this article!) Thank you) Just Jamie and inspired me to create it. On behalf of the Russian fans, I say: We love you, Jamie! You're the perfect Jace. There is nobody who would have played that role better. I want you to know that. JamieIsJace and objections are not accepted.


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