Monday, September 3, 2012

365 Days of TMI: Day 354 An Unexpected Move - Part 2

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When you need answers, you have a one-track mind. You don't expect curve balls. You don't need someone shocking or surprising you with news you don't want. This is true with what Clary finds out when she is attempting to unlock the secret to why she saw the Shadowhunters and the blue-haired demon at the Pandemonium club.

In continuing on with TMI day 354 (counting down to the premiere of City of Bones), we find out why Luke had been moving boxes.

Jocelyn expelled a sigh. "We're going on vacation."
 Luke's expression went blank, like a canvas wiped clean of paint. 
 Clary shook her head. "That's what this is about? You're going on vacation?" She shank back against the cushions. "I don't get it. Why the big production?"
 "I don't think you understand. I meant we're all going on vacation. The three of us -- you, me and Luke. We're going to the farmhouse."
 This was definitely not what Clary had expected to hear from her mom. She had summer plans. She didn't want to waste it there with Luke and her mom. She begs her mom to let her stay home, but it was to no avail. She argues with her mom. In the meantime, Luke becomes fed up with the conversation and goes to leave. Clary overhears her mom whisper "Bane".

 "I've been calling him and calling him for the past three weeks. His voice mail says he's in Tanzania. What am I supposed to do?"
 "Jocelyn." Luke shook his head. "You can't keep going to him forever."
 "But Clary--"
"Isn't Jonathan," Luke hissed. "You've never been the same since it happened, but Clary isn't Jonathan."
Clary is perplexed. Who is "Bane" and why does this whole situation remind her mom of Clary's father? Clary has to be feeling like her mom has kept secrets from her. How can she trust her if she doesn't tell her the truth. Is there another reason why they are leaving for the farmhouse?

When you first read this, did you have any clue what was going on, why her mom was so rattled? Share your thoughts below!

We'll discuss more City of Bones tomorrow!  Also be sure to check for set reports tomorrow only from The Mortal Institute!!!

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