Friday, September 21, 2012

Gnocchi, Chocolate Lava Cake and A Bucket List

 Last night was one of the best nights of my life.  I can say honestly. I had the opportunity to break bread with some very influential bloggers and of course the amazing, fantastic, crazy- talented Cassandra Clare. A milestone was reached, another accomplishment checked off my bucket list.

 Years ago, after surviving a very terrible car accident in which life dangled in front of me like a carrot on a string I started to compile a list of things I wanted to achieve within my life time, however long that was. I then received City of Bones as a gift from my husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) while I was sick because I had read through a ton of books and was bored with my selection and was sick and unable to do anything but recover. He was intrigued by the cover and though the saying goes, "Never judge a book by its cover" I'm really glad he did. I read City of Bones in a day and a half, I was in love. I pulled out my growing bucket list and wrote, 'Meet Cassandra Clare... or at least be in the presence of this phenomenal woman.' No joke! After that I added, 'Write a book' on my list. I was so inspired by Ms. Clare.

Almost two years passed and I finally started writing that book and then about two years after that I self- published it and released it to the public and Papercut became my biggest achievement. Almost a year after that I sat down and ate gnocchi a few seats down from Cassandra Clare herself. Someone please pinch me.

The day began with me picking up Amber, the lovely owner of The Mortal Institute, who afforded me the opportunity to be a part such a wonderful fandom world and the chance to mingle with a group of extraordinary women who are filled with knowledge and experience in a world I'm fairly new to.

I scooped up Amber and we took a "scenic detour" (we got lost a few times) heading toward the hotel. We checked in and lounged in our swanky room, chatting and catching up in person. A surreal moment for sure. It was nuts to talk to this person on the phone all the time and then to finally sit across from each other and eat complimentary truffles that came to our room. After a while we headed toward the restaurant, both of us starving and ready to eat some really good eats.

We waited outside for the other bloggers to arrive and we saw a number of actors, mainly GARY OLDMAN!! this is not uncommon for Yorkville, but nonetheless it was awesome to have him pass right behind me and join his group for their dinner reservation. We eventually were moved inside and found seats at the long table. We all got to chatting and then it happened... the room went silent, everyone's eye bulged out of their heads and jaws dropped. Cassandra Clare walked in, said something like "Hey guys," and sat down casually. We all just watched her every move.

The conversation immediately picked up and we all started asking Cassie all kinds of questions which she so graciously answered. We all talked about the cast, the scenes, auditions and upcoming projects. It was a very insightful evening and I can confidently say that we are all going to be amazed at the final product when we all sit down with our popcorn, drinks and Twizzlers and watch our much anticipated City of Bones movie. I can't wait!!!

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