Monday, September 10, 2012


It's been called to my attention that Jamie Campbell Bower is feeling the heat of some people in the TMI fandom about not being the right fit for Jace Wayland. While I realize everyone has the right to their personal opinion (I like to believe we are all pretty much living in a free society where we can speak our minds openly without retribution), I was pretty upset that people are giving him grief about it.

Here's what a fan, alittlebitoflace, said happened when talking to Jamie at the Writers premiere yesterday:

 This actually happened to me today at the Writers premiere at TIFF 
me: omg i'm so excited to see you in city of bones ! you're the perfect jace! 
jcb: thanks. that means so much after all the shit i've been getting.
 Okay, Shadowhunter fandom, I personally don't want to let Jamie go on thinking we don't like him as Jace. In fact, I think the most of us LOVE him as Jace. We feel like he IS Jace. So, here's the plan today. Starting in just under 45 minutes (10 am Eastern/9 am Central/8 Mountain/7 Pacific/3pm UK time) and going every hour on the hour, we will trend the following:


We at The Mortal Institute have been waiting for the right time to do this trend. It seems like just when I think that everyone has accepted Jamie, I get these random tweets by people saying otherwise. I don't want to put on the attitude of "Oh, well, deal with it", but the fact of the matter is Jamie will be playing Jace and there are thousands of us who think he will do a great job. AND I don't want ANYONE supporting this trend to be mean spirited. We are taking the higher ground here and only showing love!!!!

So, Shadowhunters, SPREAD THE WORD!!! Let's get this to #1 WWTT as many times as we can today!!!

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