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365 days of TMI: DAY 332 #tmisetday26 report from @cookond (dani and autymn)

TMI Set Report:

Day 26

Today we have a report from our new spotters Autymn and Dani C. They live in Toronto and were able to find the set and get some shots. Check out their post and tell us what you think.

Hey guys, this is our set report from the TMI set on day 26:

I was biking to school around 1 pm along a major street when I practically ran into the TMI set. (Like actually, I almost knocked over the lunch sign.) I had seen the trailers from afar, but didn't want to get my hopes up. Then I saw the “@ pylons”, which made me a bit more optimistic, and then the sign. Here it is:

It took all of my self-control not to scream. I had actually found it! Well, not exactly the set, but at least the place where they were having lunch, and I hadn't even been looking for it.
I called my friend Autymn (another TMI set girl) and started squealing something about how I had run into the set. She freaked out too, and we made plans to meet after school.
 At quarter to four we headed for the trailers. When we got there, we saw more pylons around the church that was next to the trailers. We thought they might be filming in there so I checked around the block, looking for any of the other fangirls. But I didn't see anyone we knew (other than Sideburns Guy). After 45 minutes we decided to get something to eat. We walked around the block, past a Filipino barbeque place, where they gave us free pork skewers! They were amazing. Autymn was just finishing off the last bit of hers when the window rolled down on one of the dodge caravans parked by the trailers, which are normally used to transport VIPs, and the driver looked out. He was holding a takeout container. “Hey,” he called over at us, “The actors didn't want this. Do you guys want it?” I nodded and went up to the window. He handed us the container and some cutlery. We opened it up and this is what we found:
(Yes, it was not half eaten or anything haha)
Although, this was taken after we had eaten a couple of the potatoes. They were really good! Anyways, while we were sitting next to the church, speculating on which actor's left-over's these were, we spotted Karen the publicist, or “The TMI Girl’s Best Friend”.
“Hey Karen!” we both called at the same time. Karen walked up to us, “Hey girls!” she said, smiling. “Why aren't you guys with all the other girls at the set?”
Autymn and I looked at each other, “This isn't the set?” we asked.
“No,” Karin answered. “This is just where they have lunch. But it'll be over soon, so you should head over to where they're filming. Ask one of your friends where it is.”
I nodded, and started texting. Then Karen looked down at our wrists, “Hey!” she said, “Don't you have wristbands yet?”
We both shook our heads. “We always arrived a couple minutes too late,” I explained. Karen unzipped her purse.
“Here,” she said, handing us both black wristbands. Then she looked in her bag again. “Oh no,” she said, “I only have one purple one left!”
I looked over at Autymn, “Purple's my favourite colour,” she BOLDY stated. Karen handed her the purple wristband.
“Do you want the black one back?” Autymn asked. Karen shook her head. “No,” she said, “You guys have to collect all the colours! I'll have more next time.” (YAAAY!!!!!)
We thanked her again for the bracelets, then she said goodbye and wandered off.
Soon, Autymn and I found out the street name of the set location. It was just two major intersections away! We took a couple more pictures of the trailers and set off.
We started walking towards the first intersection, munching on potatoes. We turned right, and walked by even more trailers and pylons.
 Just as we were passing the makeup trailer, the door swung open and Lily Collins stepped out, wrapped in a blanket. We tried not to stare, and walked past her holding our breath. The minute we were out of earshot, we both started going, “Oh my god, oh my god, Lily Collins was right there...
After walking a few minutes, we were lost. Luckily, my Mom is the bestest and told us where we needed to go. Ya we found it! The streets were lined with really pretty old, red brick houses. Then we spotted the filming equipment set up in front of one of the houses, under the soft box, and huddled in front of the set was our group of friends. (@MichelleMags, @nics_herondale, @whimsdoll, @stolethenight, @_DanilaMN) They showed us the packages of cookies they had made for the actors and crew. After a couple of minutes, Elyas M'Barek, the German actor playing the vampire guy, walked by. He had this really cool leather costume on. Everyone said hi, and Autymn poked me and whispered, “Speak German to him!” (I can speak fluent German.)
I called out, “Hi Elyas, do you speak German?” (In German of course.) Elyas looked really surprised, and said, “Yeah, of course. Where are you from?”
We had this long conversation and it turns out, he's from the same city as me! Elyas is actually a pretty big deal in Germany. Then Elyas told me, “I have to go film some stuff, but I'll be back!” The second he was gone, everyone crowded around and started asking, “What did he say? What did he say?”, because they hadn't understood a word of our conversation.
We heard someone shout 'Rolling!' a couple of times, and then Lily came out from the set and turned towards some tents. “Lily!” Rebecca and Michelle called over to her, “Cookies!”
Lily looked hesitant for a moment, but then came over and took the cookies and signed some of our stuff. She had some fake blood on her and her makeup was really pale.
After Lily left, Robert Sheehan came out from the set and walked right by us. My friend Autymn, who's his biggest fan (other than Rebbeca), grabbed my wrist and squeezed so hard I lost feeling. A couple people mumbled hello, and then Autymn called out, “Hi, Robert!”, then Robert looked over at her and his eyes widened a little. (Either cuz she's that pretty, or cuz she looked really dumb). Then everyone else said “hi” and he answered, “Hi girlies!” and he was gone. Autymn didn’t get her autograph sadly, but hopefully next time L
Elyas came back after a while and we said goodbye in German; see you tomorrow and stuff like that. Someone shouted that filming was over at that location, and everyone clapped. Then they started packing up. Michelle and Rebecca had so many cookies that they handed them out to random crew members, like the light director (and the lady carrying the wardrobe. We also saw Madame Dorothea walk by in costume, along with her stunt double.
As we were walking past the house they had been filming in, we saw a glowing neon sign in the window, a psychic sign. I freaked out. After the crew had left, we tried to figure out where they were filming next. But the other girls already knew that for the rest of the day they were filming at a closed set, so me and Autymn said bye to everyone and left.
That’s all… for now.
Hope you enjoyed our report and follow us on Twitter, @CookonD. It is a combination of our names (which by way are Autymn C and Dani C), so no one can hate. Bye!

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