Sunday, September 9, 2012

Shadowhunter Tweets o' the Week

Here's some of our favorite Shadowhunter tweets from the week of September 2-9, 2012, and we start with #WhyWeLoveTMI:

... because we can't get enough of it. we're always left wanting more... 

You guys rock!!! 

RT : " we're trending in a couple of minutes! You should spread the word!" Aw, okay. That is sweet. 

Because there r other things then football

Fall is football, cold weather and TMI LOL  

because its the best book EVER with the best characters and storylines. 

because it has brought complete strangers who love the novels & feels like we've known each other forever

because it created a world (and Shadowhunter men) to enjoy when reality bites!

it made us laugh, cry, anticipate for the next book, angry, love, hate & introduce us to the TMIfamily :)

because they make wanting something you can't have, work out in the end <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Jace & Clary are so perfect for each other we still root for them even when we're made to believe they are siblings <3 a="a" class="twitter-hashtag pretty-link" data-query-source="hashtag_click" href="" title="#WHYWELOVETMI">#WHYWELOVETMI

just so you know is visiting the TMI set sometime this month and is asking us to send in ?'s to ask the cast

Wow!! is no1 on WWTT ; no wonder as it's one of the BEST paranormal series out there! 

Mundanes just wouldn't understand , so it would be hard to say why we do! 

...More like why DON'T I love TMI 

Because Jace is the funniest, most beautiful character who hides his true feelings behind sarcasm. Like most of us do. 


por que nos va mejor en negro que a las viudas de nuestros enemigos desde 1234 

seriously that list could go on for 89327108932 years 

is has melons and south carolina 

because of MAGNUS FREAKIN' BANE!! 

If only people knew what TMI ment here. ^-^  

what the hell is TMI

(She will learn really soon, right?! The Mortal Instruments will be everywhere in one year!) 
TMI Source is headed to THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES set - Mundie Moms, TMi Source, and a bunch of o…


The Mortal Instruments sucks. At least it should be illegal to say that. 

The Mortal Instruments trilogy has got to be the best books I've read since the Hunger Games 

When other people think "TMI" they think "too much information". I think "the mortal instruments!"
I didn't read any book today. I have a hangover from The Mortal Instruments

BEGGING fans to QUIT broadcasting locations, let's keep the set open. and play by the rules :) 

"I just met you/and this is crazy/but I’m a magic racist/destroy all this icky magic people maybe?" DYING  

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