Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First chapter of 'CLOCKWORK PRINCESS' to be revealed next week!

This week trailer for Clockwork Princess will finally be revealed. The trailer is being directed by Dirty Robber, who directed the amazing City of Lost Souls trailer. Cassandra Clare took to her Tumblr to tell us that the first chapter of Clockwork Princess will be revealed next week. Read what Clare had to say below:

Well, I never know specifically because usually what happens is they give the trailer to MTV or Entertainment Weekly and they kinda run it when they run it. But it’s supposed to be this week, if that helps.
Next week they’ll be revealing the whole first chapter of Clockwork Princess — yep, not the prologue, which you already got (on the app, and if you search the clockwork-princess-prologue tag)  but the whole first chapter. It’s going to be interactive, and should be lots of fun. :)

Are you more excited to read the first chapter in Clockwork Princess or see the trailer? Remember Clockwork Princess will be released in stores exactly a month from now on March 19.

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