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Theory Tuesday: Bloggers discuss Will Herondale predictions


We all have very anxious feels about what will happen in the final Infernal Devices book Clockwork Princess. So, in a way to hash out the theories (reader bewarned if you haven't read the series... we may talk spoilers), I've enlisted the help of some of my favorite bloggers (@TMIShadwhunters, @TMI_colombia, @TMIspanishnews, @shannoncatori, @TMICanada and @ThePaisleyOwl) to discuss our predictions and debate some of your favorite theories.

FIRST UP: Let's talk about William Herondale.

AMBER, The Mortal Institute:
“It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known." Charles Dickens

When I look at Will Herondale, I see a reflection of Sydney Carton, a protagonist in the Dickens classic "A Tale of Two Cities". In the novel, Sydney is a lawyer characterized as lazy and drunk who takes very little interest in life. He just plainly doesn't seem to care about anyone or anything. Sound a bit familiar? Sydney comes to represent prisoner Charles Darnay. Darnay is in love with Lucie Mannette, but we find out the Sydney also has formed an unrequited love for Lucie. (See where I'm going with this?)

Anyway, Sydney talks to Charles a bit about Lucie. Though he comes off rather rude and bitter, you can tell he has feelings for her. He later tells Lucie he loves her, and that he'll do anything for her and for those she loves. Well, this plan doesn't work. Is any of this ringing a bell? Lucie plans to marry Charles anyway. To make a long story short, Charles is sentenced to the guillotine, and Will (I mean Sydney) makes an ultimate sacrifice by taking Charles' place underneath the blade.

Now, I have no idea how Cassie Clare end the series, but it's possible that Will is facing a Dickens' style fate. We know a lot of times modern day writers take the classic plots and work them into new, interesting novels. I'm really interested to see what twist Cassie puts in this final tale of Will Herondale.

TITA, TMI Spanish News: I'm scared... really scared of what will happen to Will in Clockwork Princess... >.<
CELINE, TMI Canada: I. Just. Don’t. Know. I’m staring at my clock trying to figure out the future of Will Herondale, and many unorganized scenarios rush into my mind:
I feel like if Jem dies, Will would not continue to chase after Tessa.
Then, I think, perhaps there’s hope that somehow Jem encourages Will to marry Tessa because he is dying.
At the same time I feel, Will is going to do something spontaneous –something we would never see coming- like become a silent brother…
Another thought is Will runs away and that’s when he says “If there is a life after this one,” he said, “let me meet you in it, James Carstairs.
But as I re-read the snippet, “Will rose slowly to his feet. He could not believe he was doing what he was doing, but it was clear that he was, clear as the silver rim around the black of Jem’s eyes… Jem held his hand out, and for a moment, they clasped hands, as they had done during their parabatai ritual, reaching across twin rings of fire to interlace their fingers with each other.” It seems as if Will is about to commit to something that could end his life.

SARAH, The Mortal Institute: I actually think that Will's ending will be quiet and sort of happy. I think that his love for Jem is greater than his love for Tessa, meaning no matter what happens to Jem he wouldn't go after Tessa. I mean, Jace is a Herondale, so we know that the bloodline continues. I would like to think that Will finds his love of his life and has a long and happy life and children.

SATIN, The Mortal Institute: I have no clue at all as to where Will's life is headed, but what I do know is that the Herondale bloodline is continued because we of course are blessed with Jace Herondale. This pretty much means that he and Tessa do not end up together. I believe that Will will end up happy. I do know one thing, Will deserves happiness and I hope that he gets it.

LILIANA, TMI Colombia: I love Will Herondale. He´s maybe my favorite TID character, but honestly, if I can be sure of one thing right now, is that we won´t have a happy ending on Clockwork Princess, and we won’t have a happy ending for Will Herondale. He is going to suffer for sure. If Jem dies, part of him will die with Jem. And for respect of Jem’s memory, he won´t have a relationship with Tessa.
If Jem survive, he will have to swallow his feelings for Tessa and maybe join to the Silent Brothers or die alone…
Can I say that all the theories are killing me?

SHANNON, The Mortal Institute: I think regardless of if Will ends up with Tessa or Jem does, in the end of Clockwork Princess, Will would have learned what it truly means to love and be loved. We know he loves Tessa and wants to have a life with her but he also loves Jem and is willing to do whatever necessary to keep Jem alive. And I could see Will sacrificing himself for the ones he loves, to ensure their happiness which ultimately brings him happiness too.

Next week, we discuss our final theories on Jem Carstairs. Please feel free to comment in the box below or tweet us to share your thoughts on the final predictions for our main TID characters.

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