Saturday, February 9, 2013


It's here!

We've waited (mostly) as patiently as we could for new character stills from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. When @MortalMovie shared the news that we would get new character graphics, Shadowhunter fans went wild in anticipation.

We don't have to wait any longer!

In the first clue, we found out the following: "I was born to die, but that's now a thing of the past."

My thoughts on this is that Simon was born human, but he does get changed into a vampire. I know, I say but it doesn't happen in the COB book. Well, sometimes movie studios take a little liberty to speed along certain aspects to do what is needed to make the film the best possible product. So, Simon may be wielding Sexy Vamp Mojo by the end of the film. I mean he did tell our own Shannon Catori when she met him on location in Hamilton the day they were filming the Hotel Dumort "looks like it based on all of this" when she asked him if he was a vampire.

In the second clue: "I have a very strong band of friends." BAND is the key word here. Simon has a band in the book called Rock Solid Panda. Rock Solid normally refers to something that is strong, like a rock solid friendship or relationship.

In the third clue: "If you know who I am by now, don't reveal my secret. Who am I?"
@MortalMovie did a great job teasing us! And with us girls at the Institute, we do our best investigating when we are wanting new TMI info! Well, our very own Toronto spotter Sandra took a pic with Robert Sheehan and look what shirt he's wearing!

If that wasn't enough proof then here is a pic that our new Toronto correspondent Humility got during filming at Java Jones. Same shirt. Same plaid. 'Nuff said.

FINAL CLUE: Could it be hipster love? Who am I"

Well, that verified our theory and made me feel a little better about telling everyone on Twitter I wasn't insane to say it was Simon.

Now for the big reveal!
In the new TMI graphic, we see Robert Sheehan as Simon Lewis:

The caption is most likely making a reference to his feelings for whip carrying Isabelle, but it could also refer to his love for Clary as well. @MortalMovie did add the phrase "Simon says wear your heart on your sleeve today."

What do you think of the new graphic? Share your thoughts below or chat us up on Twitter!

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