Saturday, February 9, 2013

#ShareMortalLove Indeed...

A few months ago, when my life was a little less insane, I was doing regular Actor's Spotlights and casting announcements for the blog.  When I did our spot light on Jared Harris we at the Institute made a beautiful new friend, Allegra Riggio (@Allegratastic), who is the girlfriend of Jared Harris.  We all bonded over nicknames of "hot buns" and #TeamHarris love.  The very sneaky Amber helped Allegra out, and I received this earlier today.

Talk about amazing! They surely made this new mommy cry.  That is certainly a #ShareMortalLove moment for me.  This fandom has been amazing.  Lots of love and support seem to flow around. :)

So THANK YOU!  Allegra, and Jared!  And sneaky Amber! :)

If you missed it, this is the Institute's newest baby Shadowhunter, Milo Jase!

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