Thursday, February 14, 2013

Second Clue for @MortalMovie's #ShareMortalLove, Day 6

Today's the big day. It's a very happy Valentine's Day, and we are all still swooning from Sony Pictures revealing the magnificent Magnus Bane for yesterday's #ShareMortalLove celebration via @MortalMovie on Twitter.

We've also seen a ton of news from sources like Collider, TMI Spanish News, Teen and our first look at Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Valentine Morgenstern.

Sigh!!! He's such a perfect Valentine, don't you think?

Okay, so then we got our first clue: What could be hidden within?


Mavbe the second clue of the day will give us some insight:

Sometimes I feel lost in my own head. Who am I?


Do you know what this could mean? Are you excited for all the treats we'll receive today? Stick around as we bring you all the goodies throughout the day! Make sure to comment below or talk to us on @TMI_institute on Twitter!

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