Monday, February 11, 2013

It's @MortalMovie Day 3, Clue 5 for #ShareMortalLove:

In the fourth clue for @MortalMovie's reveal of the third graphic in their #ShareMortalLove celebration, we saw a portion an arm with a partial rune and the clue: "I'm a demon hunter. Clearly, I'm not scared of the dark. Who am I?" So we have a lot of LIGHT, a protector of loved ones with an ARROW leading the way ...and a DEMON HUNTER who is not afraid of the dark. Who's ready to see Alec Lightwood? Do we need one more clue? Let's do this.

Here's a look at the fifth and final clue:

My love may be hidden… for now. Who am I?

Make sure to head over to @MortalMovie for the final reveal at 8 pm Eastern. Share your thoughts below or to our Twitter with the #ShareMortalLove hashtag.

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