Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Third clue in @MortalMovie's #ShareMortalLove's graphic reveal

We are continuing Day 4 of the #ShareMortalLove graphic reveal celebration from Sony Pictures (@MortalMovie on Twitter).

In the second clue we saw pretty much more of the background, but we can tell it looks similar to the background of the still of Jace we already have. Now, some say it might be a new photo of Jace or it still might be Magnus. I think in keeping with the reveal of Alec's hidden love image, I'd guess it depends on who you consider to be Alec's hidden love. One might say, and several did when I posed the question last night on Twitter, that Jace is Alec's hidden love for this movie. Others say that since he does have a crush on Magnus towards the end that it might be him.

Let's see what the third clue might reveal:

A closer look might be more necessary than you think

Does this clue shed any light? Share your thoughts below or on Twitter and look for the final reveal at 8 pm Eastern.

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