Monday, February 11, 2013

It's @MortalMovie Day 3, Clue 4 for #ShareMortalLove:

In the third clue for @MortalMovie's reveal of the third graphic in their #ShareMortalLove celebration, we saw an ARM (a Shadowhunter arm?) with the clue: My arrows can point you in the right direction. Again, a lot of LIGHT who is someone who protects the ones he loves and has ARROWS. All signs (or arrows) still point to ALEC!

But just in case you are second guessing, here's a look at the fourth clue:

I'm a demon hunter. Clearly, I'm not scared of the dark. Who am I? #ShareMortalLove

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Any clue as to what this could mean? Make sure to check out the final reveal at 8 pm Eastern time on the @MortalMovie twitter account. Share your thoughts below or to our Twitter with the #ShareMortalLove hashtag.

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