Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cassie offers possible extra Vday present

Tonight after the Sony released graphic of Magnus Bane, Cassie took to her tumblr page to comment on the picture.

At the end of her post she asked if we thought we deserve an extra present. What do you all think? What do you think the present could be? A snippet maybe?

Here's what Cassie said:

Well, hello there, MAGNUS.
Magnus, being all high warlock of Brooklyn and stuff.
Things I noticed : Well, I’ve never seen this set before, so I’m not going to assume I know where Magnus is right here, specifically. Things I do notice: warlock cat’s eyes! Badass jewelry! Nail polish and guyliner! Important life lessons to take away from this film: just because a dude is wearing nail polish doesn’t mean he can’t beat the crap out of you. The necklace is a bird’s skull dipped in silver, which is just a neat little touch.
I think the drink in his hand is from the party scene: the drinks were all different colors, so we weren’t allowed to drink them because I think they were like, antifreeze. I spilled some on a ghoul and he was sticky all night. (You can see a bright red drink behind Magnus, with the candles.)
Thanks to Sony and for being so awesome and I look forward to what Valentine’s Day brings. Have you been good Shadowhunters? Do you think you deserve an extra present? :D

Share your comments below and make sure you show Cassie how much you'd love an extra little something!!

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