Monday, February 4, 2013

Jemima West talks THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS and does a photo shoot at the Gerardmer Film Festival!

Jemima West (Isabelle Lightwood) was recently in France for the Gerardmer Film Festival 2013. West is a member of the jury (short-films). She did a photo shoot and an interview while at the festival where she talks THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS and more. Check out the photos below :

Thanks to Sandra at @Shadowhunting for translating for us.  Here is the translation to what Jemima West said about THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS:CITY OF BONES:

Interviewer: A few words on City of Bones?

Jemima: Oh, City of Bones! I don’t know if you know but it’s a movie adaptation of a book series written by Cassandra Clare and we filmed the first book of the series. There are 5 so far and will be 6 in total. And it’s really interesting because it happens in an existing world, in New York, and at the same time, there’s another paralleled world with angels, demons, vampires…all of that mixed together. That’s what I adored; you have a foot in reality and the other in the imaginary.

Interviewer: You were more angel or demon?

Jemima: Angel. I play a Shadowhunter; they’re half angel and half human. I was a brunette and wore a black costume with lots of leather. So I was an angel but…not the way we imagine them all in blonde and stuff.

Source: TixeErif and Jemima West Gallery

You can see Jemima West as Isabelle Lightwood in The Mortal Instruments:City of Bones on August 23.

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