Friday, February 1, 2013

Shadowhunter Saturday: What are you #Shadowhunting?

Tomorrow's Groundhog's Day here in the US, and we all know that Punxsutawney Phil (did you know his last name was Sowerby?) doesn't want to see his shadow because it means six more weeks of winter for everyone.

In this case we REALLY don't want him shadowhunting, right? Anyone else with me on this? It made me think, though, what would you do if you stepped into a role as a real Shadowhunter for this day. Would you go kill some demons? Would you hop a portal to the nearest tropical island indefinitely? Or would you throw on glitter and go party with Magnus?
That's why tomorrow, Saturday, February 2nd, we will try to trend #SHADOWHUNTING at 11 am EASTERN time. Let's talk about the things you'd do! I'm seeing lots of mangos comments in my future! I think we could get a wide response since some confused Mundanes might think we are talking about Groundhog day and join in! We can grab some fans that way!!! Let's make new Shadowhunters, people!!!
Join us and help get this trending!

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