Thursday, February 7, 2013

TMI Meme of the Day #1: An Intro to our new feature and new blogger

If you are a Tumblr member, or if you just haven't lived under a rock last year, you know how big the meme craze is. For those of you who have been in seclusion, a meme is is a concept that spreads rapidly from person to person via the Internet, largely through Internet-based email, blogs, forums, Imageboards, social networking sites, instant messaging and video streaming sites such as YouTube.

Enter our newest TMI Institute team member: Humility! Humility has been a friend of the site for a while and is my partner in crime when it comes to live tweeting The Vampire Diaries episodes. Now, Humility will serve as a movie news correspondent on location in Toronto and meme creator goddess divine.

With that being said, we will be sharing new memes every day with our Shadowhunter Meme of the Day feature.

Here's today's meme featuring Valentine:

Everyone get to know a little more about her:
Hey everyone! My name is Humility. Born in the Philippines but grew up in Toronto, Canada. I am currently trying to finish my bachelor's degree as a registered nurse (wish me luck!). I hope to become as a brilliant of a nurse like my mother. After I graduate I plan on travelling to Barcelona, Spain and visit Los Angeles again (just to go on the Ellen show). I am in love with movies, sports, music, watching tv shows (especially TVD!) and reading novels. Funny story about reading, I used hate reading novels as a kid. I never read anything unless I had to. But one of my friends finally forced me to read the Twilight series and The Mortal Instruments and I have got to say I wish I started reading earlier! These books have made me cry, laugh, angry etc and have made me read several other books. Now I own over 40 novels and my bookshelves are running out of space! Someday after I retire as a nurse hopefully I can be an author of some novel and create such a wonderful world for teens to read about just like what Cassandra Clare has done for me. You can follow me on twitter @humilityc.
If you have any requests for TMI memes, make sure to tweet @HumilityC.

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